IFSSH & IFSHT / Buenos Aires


We start in the historical area of the city at Plaza de Mayo (a square). A witness to the most relevant historic and civic events, it is today the place where the most significant political activities and social demonstrations take place. It is surrounded by symbolic buildings such as the Cabildo (former city hall), the Cathedral, and the Casa Rosada (official home and workplace of the President of Argentina).

If you walk along this avenue —a Spanish stronghold and testimony of the city of early 20th century— you will bump into the Tortoni Café, located at Number 829. It is the oldest literary café in town, where tango and jazz shows are performed at night.

Only two blocks away from the Cabildo, the streest of Moreno, Alsina, Peru and Bolívar border this block. Occupied by the Jesuits since 1675, it was the center of all intellectual activities for centuries; hence it is known as the "Block of Enlightenment". It gathers historical elements such as the San Ignacio de Loyola Church, the oldest one in the city, and 15 metres deep, the tunnels that date back to Colonial times make up all several sections that stem from the centre of the block and then branch off.