IFSSH & IFSHT / Buenos Aires


It is one of the city’s largest and prettiest neighborhoods, featuring parks, lagoons, wide avenues and groves. There are residences with great architectonic value, many of which house embassies and museums, such as the National Museums of Decorative Art and Oriental Art.

There are three different itineraries you may choose.

Palermo: Forests, Lagoons and the Argentine Polo Racecourse. The fondness for equestrian sports is shown in the Argentine Racecourse and Polo Tournaments or Pato matches (pato being a genuinely Argentine sport), all of them held at the Argentine Polo Field located at Avenida del Libertador every year from October to December.

Palermo Chico: the Zoo, the Botanical Garden and the trade fair premises in La Rural.

Palermo Viejo: (subdivided into Soho and Hollywood) the trendy district of cobbled streets and Italianate houses, full of fancy cafés and bars, boutiques and independent designer shops. You may want to stay in this neighborhood if you like the laid-back style or just go shopping here.