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We request you to read carefully this EXHIBITOR MANUAL that we have prepared to facilitate the assembling and disassembling of your stand in Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016.


General comments.

1.- Manual. After reading carefully the content of this manual, make it know to the personnel related to the installation of your stand, in particular when you hire an external design company.

A) Acceptance of the Conditions: Each Exhibitor/Sponsor, either for himself or for their agents and employees, agree on respecting these conditions, understanding and accepting that the control of the Exhibition is under Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016.

B) Allocation of space: the Organising Committee of Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 reserves the right to allocate all the Exhibition stands on a “first come - first served” basis. In turn, it reserves the right to coordinate the applications for space of the Exhibitors so that each one is guaranteed an adequate presence in the total space available. It is understood that all the costs related to transport, connections for services such as electricity, internet, etc., the assembly of the Exhibition or any other service will be at the Exhibitor’s expense

C) Insurance: In every case an Exhibitor wishes to insure his goods, he must do so at his expense.

D) Stands: Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 shall provide to anybody who requests it with anticipation standard equipment for the stands (a table, two chairs and electricity access) at no extra cost. If a company plans to install his own stand, it must not obstruct the vision of adjacent stands and its design must be approved by Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 before the start of the conference. The height limit is 2.40mts.

E) Unoccupied spaces: Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 will have the right to use the spaces unoccupied by Exhibitors. If a space/stand has not been occupied at the start of the conference, Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 will have the right to eliminate it.

F) Personnel: All the personnel involved in the stands, including receptionists and promoters, shall perform their activity in the area which has been assigned. All the participating companies must be careful with hiring temporal personnel for the assistance and service of stands. We aim that this event will take place in a professional and pleasant atmosphere. Should Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 consider that somebody who is hired or connected to a sponsor is acting improperly, it will be able to expel it from the conference and deny him re-entry and no refund will be made. Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 will also be able to expel any sponsor company without being at the expense of any refund for the amount paid to Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016.

G) General Provisions: It is understood that in every circumstance, Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 holds the total responsibility for the programme, contents and management of the Congress to assure the highest quality of the event. Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 will not be responsible and will be exempted from any breach in the provision of services due to causes out of its control such as natural disasters, actions of the government, computer viruses, cases of force majeure, labor difficulties or breach of a supplier.


2.- Security.

All the goods belonging to the Exhibitor must remain under his custody and control, either in the period of transit or during the stay within the Exhibition Area. Small equipment must be retired daily. If you consider your stand requires continuous surveillance, you must contact with the General Coordination Office of the Exhibition to request the value of this service.


3.- Responsibility. The Exhibitor and the hired personnel will hold legal responsibility for damages caused to natural persons or goods during their stay in the facility (installation, exhibition and dismantling) of the Exhibition.


4.- Insurance. All the Exhibitors must take out the Civil Liability and Asset Protection Policies and insure their goods against loss or damage, either in periods of transit or during the Exhibition.

It is essential that small equipment of high cost (laptops, mobile phones, Palms, iPads, etc.) is insured against robbery or theft. It is indispensable that the devices are held on a rigid structure.

Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 shall not be responsible for theft, fire, vandalism or any other accident in the Exhibitor’s goods.

All the Exhibitors and people involved in the installation of your stand must have Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company or Accident Insurance with a non-recourse clause in favor of:

South Convention Center SA
CUIT 30-69218831-0

IDs must be presented and they will be held by the hotel against the hand-over of the login credentials.




Hotel Hilton Buenos Aires
Av. Macacha Güemes 351, Buenos Aires, C1106BKG, Argentina



It will start on Monday 24th October, 2016 at 8am (to be confirmed)

The deadline to hand in finished stands to Argentina IFSSH Congress 2016 will be Monday 24th October, 2016 at 7pm. From Tuesday 25th October at 7pm on, the presence of workers or the completion of either decorating work or repairs in the stand will not be permitted.



Entry/exit of materials: through security entrance located in Av. Juana Manso 751.

Dock dimensions of loading and unloading:
Maximum height: 3.20 m
Maximum width: 4.40 m
A basin of 15m maximum length
A basin of 8m maximum length
A basin of 8m maximum length

Dimensions and weight of elevators loading:
Service elevator: (4 elevators)
Maximum weight: 1800Kgs
Door: 1,20m x 2,10m tall
Cabin: 1,50m x 2,40m x 3,00m tall (consider that rails are 1m tall and stand out 8cm)

Goods Lift: (1 one) Access from merchandise reception in Av. Juana Manso
Maximum weight: 2500Kgs
Door: 1,40m x 2,10m tall
Cabin: 2,70m x 3,50m x 3,00m tall

Car lift: (1 one) Access from Parking
Maximum weight: 2500Kgs
Door: 2,20m x 2,10m tall
Cabin: 2,70m x 4,50m x 2,30m tall


The following information must be presented to the General Exhibition Coordination 15 days prior to the installation:

  • Names of the companies subcontracted for the installation of your stand and name of the person responsible for each company.
  • Mobile phone contact number of the person in charge of your stand and of that in charge of its installation.
  • Names of the Exhibitors who will participate.
  • If additional materials, extra power, data rows, phones, furniture, internet, furnishing etc. are needed, contact the Coordination of the Exhibition to be informed of the cost of these services.
  • A list with two copies of the material which will be entered to the hotel.
  • The plan and design (perspective view) of the stand, to be approved by the Organising Committee.  



Every entry/exit of goods must be made at the time indicated by the Organising Committee of the congress (with no exception) in the reception of goods area in Av. Juana Manso.

For installations on the second basement level, ( Pacifico and Atlantico Rooms ) goods must be entered through the car lift located in level -1 of the hotel parking (entering with a vehicle of 2mts tall)

They must carry a delivery note that will be controlled by the Hotel Security Department and registered in the book of entry and exit of goods.

The goods transport within the hotel shall be in charge of the Exhibitor. They must present a list of the elements that will be used for the transfer e.g. the type of cart.

Persons in charge of the installations of stands must present the following information to the hotel security:

-Name of the event.
-Hall/ installation area
-Quantity, type and model of the material.
-Name of the person in charge.

Each Exhibitor shall receive a visitor’s pass to enter the hotel, without it he will not be allowed to move within the hotel.

Every person related to the installation must circulate through the service areas of the hotel; they will not be permitted to use lifts of the conventions centre nor mechanical stairs to transport materials.



Every structure (panels, scenography, lighting, sound and others) to be installed in your stand space shall not touch carpets, walls, columns and/or decorations of the hotel.

Every structure (panels, scenography, stands, etc.) must arrive at the hotel already finished. It will only be permitted to install them.

The height limit permitted either in the Lateral Foyer of Pacifico Room, in the Central Foyer and in the Atlántico Room is 2,50 mts.

It is strictly forbidden to paint and make carpentry works within the hotel.

People in charge of each stand are responsible for the provision of enough material to protect the hotel facilities (phenolic, carpets, woods, etc.) as a protection.

It is forbidden to pin or stick decorative material to the hotel facilities (walls, glasses, doors, etc.)

The hotel carpets must be protected when all kinds of work are made as well as when transporting very heavy elements.

At any time it is not permitted to cover, hide or block spaces which interfere in the security of the hotel such as emergency exits, hydrants, fire alarms, smoke detectors or sprinklers.



Each stand will have a multiple 10 amp socket. Each stand must have its own electric panel with thermal and differential protection to be connected to the socket provided by the organization.

No electric installation will be made without prior authorization of the Engineering Department or technical personnel of the hotel.

Every wiring made in the halls/foyers of the underground must pass under the technical floor and must be wrapped correctly.



Provided elevating platforms are used, plywood board must be put below them.

It is strictly forbidden for workers to smoke or drink alcohol in the hotel. Neither the hotel nor the Organising Committee will provide tools or work materials (elevating platforms, carts for transporting material, power strips, adapters, ladders, etc.)

It is forbidden to stick or hang posters on the hotel walls, glasses, doors, stairs, etc.



It is forbidden to block emergency exits, extinguishers or hydrants. Every exhibited product must be separated at least one meter from any extinguisher.

Make sure all the personnel in your stand know precisely the places where extinguishers and emergency exits are.

Corridors are an evacuating area, thus they shall not be used as storage places. The presentation of products will be made in a way that public will not stop by the circulation area. Any object or material found in the corridors will be considered useless and will be sent to the skip.

By official regulation it is forbidden to smoke in the hotel.

Decorative material such as wood, tablecloth, curtains, artificial plants, etc., must contain a flame retardant.



It is forbidden to sell food or drinks in the stands. To provide food or drinks, the Exhibitor shall follow the norms established by the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel, to be consulted with the General Coordinator of the Exhibition.


General cleaning of stands will be the Exhibitors’ responsibility, who undertakes to:

a) Keep them in ideal conditions during the opening to the public.
b) Make a daily general cleaning, one hour before the opening of the Exhibition to congress participants.
c) Throw garbage away in the common skips and in no case in common or circulation areas.