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Exhibitor Service Center

- Commercial Exhibition General Management
María Graziani & Asociados is the company chosen for the Commercial Exhibition General Management. 
Should you have any doubts or inconvenniences, do not hesitate to contact them.

(+5411) 4394-7726 // 4393-3437

- Freight Forwarder, customs and handling, shipping agent

All Exhibitors can freely choose their own freight forwarder and must make their own arrangements for the permanent or temporary admittance of goods.
But, as the rules and regulations for importing goods into Argentina are very strict we strongly recommend Exhibitors to seek the advice of the below company for shipment of goods in order to avoid delays at Customs, or even be subject to non-clearance of goods.

(+5411) 4382-8182

Download Hobbit Express Shipping Instructions (pdf)

- Shell scheme, furnishing and AV equipment
To design, mantle and equip your stand, we have chosen the company Palliso Diseño.
Please contact them by their e-mail or web-page.

Pallisso Diseño
(+5411) 4582-2163

Download Pallisó Exhibitor Service Kit (pdf)