History of the Argentine Association for Surgery of the Hand and Reconstructive Surgery of the Upper Limb

The Argentine Association for Surgery of the Hand (AACM) was founded in 1974. It has 149 active and certified members and 131 adherent members. Every year, the AACM organises two main scientific events: an Updating Course and a National Congress. The association is also in charge of the development of the surgery of the hand throughout Argentina by means of Regional Courses, theoretical and practical courses of pathologies related to the field, clinical meetings and the Course of Specialisation in Hand Surgery together with the University of Business and Social Science. Applicants from all over the continent attend this Course. 

Prof. Dr. Eduardo A. Zancolli, a pioneer in hand surgery in our country, was the first President of the AACM and he will be the Honorary President of the 2016 IFSSH Meeting.

The South American Federation for Surgery of the Hand (FSCM) was founded in Lima, Peru, in 1965. It gathers active members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela, accredited by the IFSSH. Likewise Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru have members in the FSCM.

Prof. Dr. Eduardo A. Zancolli was also his first president. 

The FSCM organizes every year an International Course and Congress, alternately, in different countries venues. 

Knowledge enhancement based on anatomy has characterized Argentina and many of the scientific works generated in this country and South America are consulted internationally.

The main purpose of both associations is stated in their Bylaws “… it will function to spread and enhance hand surgery, establishing scientific relationships with similar entities and specialists in Argentina, South America and the rest of the world.”

A clear example of the level developed by both organisations is the last Argentine and South American Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2011 attended by more than 600 participants.

Also in 2014, concomitantly with the 40th Anniversary of the AACM Creation, the 40th Argentine Congress and the 5th Argentine-Chilean Congress of Hand Surgery were held including a complete Pre-Congress Meeting organized by the AAHS with Members Participants from both organizations.

This Congress, with more than 700 participants set a new record of attendance at a national level.

The scientific background and experience of the ACCM in organising national and regional congresses provide the necessary guarantees to host and organise the IFSSH World Congress in Buenos Aires 2016. The AACM contributes to the work of the International Federation of spreading its geographical presence and defending the balance and democratization when it comes to choosing the host city of the most important event in the world in the field for Surgery of the Hand.