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IFSHT 2016 - Welcome Message

Beatriz InÚs Piso

Local Organizing Chairperson
10th IFSHT Triennial Congress

Dear colleagues,


Welcome from the Local Organizing Committee

Dear colleagues , It is my great pleasure as IFSHT Local Organising Chairperson, to welcome all Hand Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiatrists and Physical Therapists to this 10th Triennial IFSHT Congress and 13th Triennial IFSSH Congress , an international event that will be held in the city of Buenos Aires.

We have worked so hard over the years to reach this moment where our objectives have allowed us to make this event come true; we believe that our expectations will contribute to achieve are warding scientific interchange and strengthen fellowship and friendship ties among all participants.

Then, I would like to thank the President of the IFSSH, Dr. Michael Tonkin, to our friend Dr. Marc Garcia Elias who was always available trying his best to provide solutions when the situation requires, to the unconditional support and direction of my old friend Dr. Eduardo R. Zancolli with whom we have worked untiringly for many years following a mutual objective, to Dr. Pablo De Carli whose work was inmense managing the free Papers and e-Posters from both Societies to bepublished in the Hand Magazine, to all other members of the committee, so important whenworking on the different topics with excellence and honesty faithful to the given task.

To Sarah Ewald with whom we have achieved an enriching interchange not only in the specific organization but also in the personal field, working sistematically and using different means of communication, to Ursula Wendling for her kindness and comprehension and to Birguitta Rossenfor being present at the right moment.Obviously my endless thanks to the members of my committee, five wonderful women with whom,among other things, we have organized the Hospitality Committee to make your stay enjoyable, to the therapists who have opened their working places to the rest of the world.A special mention to Cristina Conti, with whom we have shared the last minute efforts to achieveall proposed objectives. I don´t want to leave secretaries aside, specially Carla Cometto,a bastion for both committees. I am sure to have done all my best for this starting Congress to be of excellence as pretended! I fully concur on the phrase .." We are the sum of everyone "Feeling the happiness of having given everything from myself to the Congress.Knowing the desire and the effort will remain embodied in this successful event!

Finally I can only leave you my warmest regards!

Beatriz Inés Piso
Chairperson of the IFSHT Local Organizing Committee


Local Organizing Committee


(L) to (R):

Local Organizing Committee Lic.Klga.Ftra.Marcela Juarez

Social Committee T.O Denise Conternjic  

Chairperson Of the Local Organizing Committee Lic.Klga Ftra  Beatriz Piso

Social Committee T.O Sandra Frigeri 

Local Organizing Committee Lic. To Cristina G.De Conti



Welcome from IFSHT President


Sarah G. Ewald

It is a great pleasure as President of IFSHT to welcome all participants to the joint 10th Triennial IFSHT Congress and 13th Triennial IFSSH Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 42 months since the last joint congress in Delhi, India, 2013 have flown by.  Once again we have the opportunity to meet, renew old friendships, make new ones and to exchange ideas with one another. This congress offers a wealth of opportunities to expand horizons both educationally and socially.

Thanks to the efforts of the local organizing committee, this is the first time ever that an IFSHT congress, will have professional simultaneous translation of the sessions in the main auditorium! I would like to thank the local organizing committees, chaired by Dr. Euardo Zancolli for IFSSH and Beatriz Piso for IFSHT, who have worked tirelessly to pull together all the threads necessary to make this event happen. 

Many thanks to the IFSSH program committee for their willingness and cooperation in creating a joint scientific program. The IFSHT program committee is an international committee with members from 16 countries. This committee has worked intensively during the past three years to put together, the interesting and dynamic program that you will find in these next few pages. A special thanks to the Birgitta Rosén of Sweden for her leadership of the IFSHT Program Committee and to all of the committee members that offered ideas, suggested speakers, reviewed abstracts, or assumed responsibility for organizing the scientific sessions, it has been a pleasure to work with you all.  I would like to express my utmost appreciation to the invited speakers that have agreed to come to the congress and contribute to the program, this congress is so much the richer for the generous contribution of your knowledge, thank you!  Heartfelt thanks to IFSSH for the ongoing cooperation with and support of IFSHT, it is so very unique that our two organizations work so well together towards the common goal of a joint congress every three years.

Welcome all, to this joint congress and to Argentina. It is an honor to have the opportunity to meet and interact with each and every one of you during the congress.  Thank you all, for making the effort to travel from a far, to connect and share with one another during these next few days. It is my hope that you will return home with expanded perspectives, new ideas and many new contacts in both the hand therapy and hand surgery world.

With sincerest regards,

Sarah G.  Ewald

President IFSHT


Welcome from IFSHT Program Chairs



Birgitta Rosén                           Sarah Ewald

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Program committee  and the Local organising committe to both build and create a scientific program that we hope will  be an inspiring and educational mix of the latest news  and trends in research and clinical work, in several areas of Hand Rehabilitation.

The morning sessions with expert panels on specific hand therapy topics will be followed by workshops  that offer the opportunity for  you to take an in depth look at a specific topics and learn, interact and share clinical experiences  and discuss new ideas with experts and international colleagues.

A main focus of international congresses is the scientific exchange between researchers in hand rehabilitation. A large number of scientific papers and posters have been submitted. They have been thoroughly reviewd by the abstract review committe and will be presented in topic focused free paper sessions, as well as in the  scientific panel sessions where they compliment the topic at hand.  Posters will be presented electronically during the Congress and will be available in the exhibition area near the Buen Ayre Auditoriums.  We are very pleased that expert therapists and surgeons from all over the world  will contribute to the program - the list of speakers is  impressive - and we bid you all welcome and encourage you  to participate actively in the program.

Birgitta Rosén  & Sarah Ewald

IFSHT Program Co-Chair




Welcome from the IFSHT EXCO

Cuadro de texto: IFSHT Executive Committee  2013-2016 (L) to (R):   Peggy Boineau, Anne Wajon, Sarah Ewald,  Nicola Goldsmith,  Ursula Wendling, Lynne Feehan,




IFSHT Executive Committee 2013-2016

President  Sarah G. Ewald, Switzerland

President Elect  Anne Wajon, Australia

Secretary General  Ursula Wendling,  Switzerland

Treasurer Peggy Boineau, USA

Historian Nicola Goldsmith, UK

Immediate Past President  Lynne Feehan,  Canada


IFSHT 2016 - Welcome message

Sarah G. Ewald

President IFSHT

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to welcome you to the fine city of Buenos Aires for the 10th triennial IFSHT Congress.  This event is not only a fantastic opportunity to visit Argentina it is also a wonderful opportunity to refresh and expand your knowledge base.

The local organizing committee and the IFSHT program committee are working hard to put together an interesting and exciting scientific program. Of special interest are the keynote speaker, Dr. A Pemoff, on the topic of the musician’s hand; the invited expert lecturer, Lorimer Moseley, on pain and the brain and the IFSSH- IFSHT joint session on brachial plexus injuries. Both therapists and surgeons have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of sessions and workshops in both the Hand Surgery and Hand Therapy programs. Please consider submitting an abstract and enriching the program with your knowledge!

By attending the congress, you will expand your horizons as well as have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the social program. We certainly hope you will join us in Buenos Aires in 2016 to renew acquaintances, make new connections with fellow hand professionals and gain new Hand Therapy and Hand Surgery perspectives. We look forward to seeing you in Argentina in 2016.

Warmest regards,

Sarah G. Ewald
President  IFSHT