IFSSH & IFSHT / Final Programme

Final Programme


Monday 24 th October, 2016


07:00 - 17:00 Registration


18:00 - 19:30 Opening Ceremony


19:30 - 23:30 Cocktail-Dinner


Tuesday 25 th October, 2016


08:00 - 09:45 Combined Session IFSSH-IFSHT

Brachial Plexus Adult and Obstetric
Moderators: Michael Tonkin  and Sarah Ewald

08.00-08.05 am        Introduction by Moderators
08.05-08.15 am        Jorge Clifton (Mexico): Anatomy for diagnosis.
08.15-08.25 am        Scott Wolfe (USA): Key points on clinical examination and complimentary studies for a precise diagnosis
08.25-08.35 am       Maria Candida Luzo (Brazil):Therapy for obstetric brachial plexus injuries
08.35-08.45 am      Jose Borrero (USA): Upper and middle obstetric brachial plexus injuries: indications and surgical tips for repair and nerve transfer.
08.45-08.55 am       Jayme Bertelli (Brazil): Total plexus obstetric Lesions: indications and alternatives.
08.55-09.05 am       Alexander Shin (USA): Upper and middle adult lesions: indications, timing and surgical tips for repair and nerve transfers.
09.05-09.15 am       Scott Wolfe (USA): Total plexus adult lesions: Indications, timing and surgical alternatives.
09.15-09.25 am       Victoria Frampton (United kingdom): Perspectives in rehabilitation of adult traumatic brachial plexus lesions.
09.25-09.35 am       Alexander Shin (USA): Muscle transfers: indications, surgical tips and results.
09.35-09.45 am          Discussion. 


09:45 - 10:30 Visit to the Museums / Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:25 The Federations´ Contest

Chairman: Eduardo R. Zancolli (Argentina) 

Asian-Pacific FederationMoroe Beppu (Japan)
North American Federation: Terry Light (USA); Donald Lalonde(Canada)
European Federation: Zolt Szabo (Hungary), Grey Giddins (UK)
South American FederationRodolfo Cosentino (Argentina), Rames Mattar Junior (Brazil)

Selected Clinical Papers:
Asian Pacific FederationGao Kaiming (China) The surgical strategy for the treatment of total brachial plexus avulsion injury patient
European Federation:Antonio Abramo (Sweden) Fragment-Specific Fixation versus Volar Locking Plates in Primarily Non-reducible or Secondarily Redisplaced Distal Radius Fractures: A Randomized Controlled Study 

North American FederationNeil Jones (USA) Thumb amputation in children
South American Federation: Pablo De Carli  (Argentina) Combined dorsal tenodesis an capsulodesis for static scapholunate instability

Selected Basic/Research Papers:
Asian Pacific Federation: Gi Jun Lee (Korea) Double loop 10 strand flexor tendon repair: biomechnical and clinical study
European Federation:Monica Wiig (Sweden) The Anti-Adhesive Mechanism of the Lactoferrin Peptide rabPXL01 in Sodium Hyaluronate may Involve Proteoglycan 4

North American Federation: Sami Tuffaha (USA) Combining Nerve Autograft and Decellularized Allograft Cables with Epineurotomies Allows for Transperineurial Schwann Cell Migration
South American Federation: Luciano Poitevin (Argentina) The Caldani Ligament (Medial Coracoclavicular ligament). Arrangement, biomechanics   and role in thoracic outlet syndrome

12:30 - 13:10 Presidential Adress: IFSSH 50th Anniversary

President: Michael Tonkin (Australia)
General Secretary: Marc García-Elías (Spain)


14:30 - 15:00 Debate Flexor Tendon Grafts with mild/moderate scarring: One vs. Two Stages

Moderator: David Green (USA) 

Proponent One Stage: James Strickland (USA)   
Proponent Two Stages: David Elliot (UK) 

15:00 - 16:00 Round Table Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

Moderator: Marc Garcia Elias (Spain)

Susanne Rein (Germany): Why injuries of the ulnar side carpus are so painful?
Sami Tuffaha (USA): Algorithm of  TFCC denervation
Alex Lluch (Spain): Intracapsular pathology causing ulnar-sided wrist pain
Alex Lluch (Spain): Extracapsular pathology causing ulnar-sided wrist pain

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Symposium DRUJ Arthroplasties

Moderator: Luis Scheker (USA)

Luis Scheker (USA): Introduction, anatomy and kinesiology 
Marc García Elías (Spain): Indications for resurfacing arthroplasty
Alexander Shin (USA): Indications for hemiarthropasty
Diego Fernandez (Switzerland): Salvage of Sauve-Kapandji procedure
Jesse Jupiter (USA): Constrained arthroplasty


14:30 - 16:00 The Classics

Chairman: Ghazi Rayan (USA)

Christophe Oberlin (France): Nerve transfer for elbow flexion
David Lichtman (USA): Classification for Kienböck disease
Eduardo A.Zancolli (Argentina): The posterior interosseous flap 
Diego Fernandez (Switzerland): Anterior wedge shaped grafting for Scaphoid Nonunion with Carpal instability
Julio Taleisnik (USA):The Carpal Columnar theory and S-L Lig direct repair

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 The Classics

Chairman: Walter Manna Albertoni (Brazil)

Jorge Orbay (USA): Distal radius blocked volar plate
Carlos Zaidenberg (Argentina): The 1/2 distal radius vascularized bone graft
Allen Bishop (USA): The 4/5 distal radius vascularized bone graft
Goran Lundborg (Sweden): Tendon healing without adhesions formation


09:55 - 12:25 Session 1A | Free Papers (15)

session Chairmen: Luiz Sobania (Brazil) - Alberto Perez Castillo (Chile)

Differential incidence of cold intolerance in different fingers after performing reverse digital artery flaps for finger soft tissue defects
Sun Yucheng, Chen Qingzhong, Tang Jinbo, Chen Jing (CHINA)

Results of major upper extremity replantation or revascularization: Thirteen years of experiences in a single center, 
and an indirect comparison of outcomes with reported arm transplantations
Jung Eun Lee, Young Ho Lee, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)

Great Occipital Nerve as a motor donor nerve in brachial plexus palsy. Anatomic study.
Sergio Daroda, Facundo Zabaljauregui, Fernando Menvielle, Paul Pereira, Rodolfo Cosentino (ARGENTINA)

Clinical Efficacy of Microvascular Anastomotic Coupler in Upper Limb Replantation
Lei Xia, Yuben Xu, Junzhang Zhao, Peng Li, Liangku Huang (CHINA)

Six-strand core repairs ensure early active motion and satisfactory functional return of the flexor pollicis longus tendon: Results in 23 thumbs
Zhang Jun Pan, Jun Qin, Xiang Zhou, Xiang Rong Li, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)

Adeno-associated virus-2-mediated VEGF gene transfer to the tendon improves the healing strength of the digital flexor tendons
Ya Fang Wu, You Lang Zhou, Jing Chen, Shu Guo Xing, Yu Cheng Sun, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)

Effect of local interferon-α, interferon-β, and 5-fleurouracil on repair strength and prevention of peritendinous adhesion following flexor tendon surgery in rabbits.
Mohammad Javad Fatemi, Shahram Shirani, Mehrdad Baghaei, Amir Hossein Lebaschi, Mohammad Gharegozlu,Mirsepehr Pedram, Mohsen Saberi, Shirin Araghi,Tooran Bagheri (IRAN)

Non Conventional Tendon Advance for Injuries in Zones I and II. New Surgical Technique with Wide Awake Procedure.
Alberto Luis Garay, Carlos Eugenio Martínez,Francisco Lopez Bustos, Juan Martín Patiño, Germán Tonetto.(ARGENTINA)

Compression of the median nerve in the proximal forearm. Study of the Scratch Collapse Test as diagnostic and monitoring tool.
Isidro Jiménez, Pedro J. Delgado, Federico A. Figueredo, Mario Gil de Rozas, Sergio Martínez, Juan R. Truan (SPAIN)

Is trigger finger an associated condition of carpal tunnel syndrome or a consequence of its release?
Jorge Vergara, Paula Pino, María Jesús Lira, María Jesus Figueroa, Pamela Mery (CHILE)


Contralateral C7 transfer via both vascularized ulnar nerve and medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve
 with the ulnar artery anastomosed to the arteria transversa colli to repair brachial plexus avulsion: A preliminary report
Li Shulin, Xu Lei, Gu Yudong (CHINA)

Comparative study of phrenic and intercostal nerve transfers for elbow flexion after global brachial plexus injury
Yuzhou Liu, Jie Lao, Xin Zhao,Kaiming Gao (CHINA)

Outcome of contralateral C7 nerve transfer in the treatment of total brachial plexus root avulsion injury patient
Lao Jie, Gao Kaiming, Zhao Xin, Gu Yudong (CHINA)

14:30 - 16:00 Session 1E | Free Papers (9)


Session Chairmen: Pedro Delgado (Spain) - Alvaro Baik Cho (Brazil)

Histopathological analysis of the lunate in Rheumatoid Disorders: Role of the angiogenesis and synovitis in Kienböck ´s disease
Claudia Lamas, Antonio Garcia, Camila Chanes, Ignacio Proubasta, Sílvia Bagué, Ignasi Gich (SPAIN)

Long term follow-up of radial shortening and STT arthrodesis in Kienböck disease
Arturo Patiño Bravo (COLOMBIA)

Microstructure study of the normal lunates and Kienböck’s lunates with MicroCT imaging
Ge XIONG, Zirun XIAO, Haihua WANG, Shigong Guo, Jianfeng TAO (CHINA-UK)

Long term follow up of radial shortening osteotomy with Nakamura effect for Kienböck disease stage II and IIIA.
Juan Carlos Torrano, Juan Pablo Torrano (ARGENTINA)

Gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging evaluating lunate vascularity in Lichtman’s stage IIIB 
Kienböck’s disease: Correlation with histopathologic findings
Gong Xu, Jiang Zheng Min, Lu lai Jin (CHINA)

MRI controlled Metaphyseal Core Decompression of the Distal Radius in Lunate Avascular Necrosis
Christoph U. Schulz, Nikolaus Hof, Hermann Anetzberger (GERMANY)

Long Term Outcomes of Distal Radius Metaphyseal Core Decompression for Kienböck’s Disease Stage IIIa
Pablo De Carli, Ezequiel E. Zaidenberg, Jorge G. Boretto, Gerardo L. Gallucci, Aldo Illaramendi (ARGENTINA)

Scaphocapitate fusion in advanced Kienböck’s disease: retrospective clinical study at 4.8 years follow-up
Sylvie Collon, Stephen Tham, David McCombe (FRANCE-AUSTRALIA)

Photography-Based Method for Measuring Wrist Range of Motion
Samir K. Trehan, Schneider K. Rancy, Parker H. Johnsen, Steve K. Lee, Scott W. Wolfe (USA)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Symposium PIP Contractures

Moderator: Kevin Chung (USA)
Jeff Lawton (USA): Anatomy and surgical exposure of the PIP joint
David Netscher (USA): Congenital PIP contracture release, a sequential approach              
Steve Haase (USA): Correction of PIP contracture in Dupuytren Disease 
Kagan Ozer (USA): Treatment of  fracture-dislocations of the PIP joint 
Kevin Chung (USA): Case discussion with Panel and Audience


09:55 - 12:25 Session 1B | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairmen: Jairo Gomez (Colombia) - Roberto Melendez (Colombia)

Radial nerve injury at transverse fracture of humeral shaft: distraction of fracture site may mean long segment traction injury
Jeong Hwan Kim, Young Ho Lee, Jihyeung Kim, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)

Analysis of Nail Bed Injuries: Causes, Treatment, Results and Prognosis
Ja Hea Gu, Gyu Hyeong Lee, Dong Hee Kang (KOREA)

Technical note about using temporary bridge plate for comminuted interphalangeal joint fracture
Jin-Rok Oh, Jun-Pyo Lee (KOREA)

Therapy of fingertip injuries: The semi-occlusive dressing as an alternative option to local skin flaps
S. Quadlbauer, Ch. Pezzei, T. Beer, T. Hausner, M. Leixnering (AUSTRIA)

Treatment of proximal phalangeal fractures by plate and angular stable unicortical screws
M. Leixnering, Ch. Pezzei, P. Reb, S. Quadlbauer, T. Hausner (AUSTRIA)

Early Active Vector Adjustable Skin Traction (EAVAST) for Phalangeal Fractures
Michael Dowd, Jason Fairclough, Jason Lam, Queenie Chan, Steven Wood, and Jason Diab (AUSTRALIA)

Mechanical properties and clinical results of novel bioabsorbable plates for the treatment of the hand fractures
Akinori Sakai, Yukichi Zenke, Kunitaka Menuki, Hideyuki Hirasawa, Yoshiaki Yamanaka, Takafumi Tajima, Kayoko Furukawa, Daishi Hamada (JAPAN)

Functional Outcome and Complications of Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Low Profile Plates in Hand Fractures
Escobar Gonzalo Ezequiel, Caloia Martin, González Scotti Diego, Nogueira Federico, Caloia Hugo (ARGENTINA)

V advancement flap for fingertip injury preventing necrosis and hook nail deformity
Jung Eun Lee, Young Ho Lee, Jin Rok Oh, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)

Catastrophic Hand Injuries in Children

Carlos Gargollo, Javier Lopez, Francisco Ferreira (MEXICO)

Osteotomy of malunited metacarpals and phalanges in pediatric patients
Radek Kebrle, Alena Schmoranzova (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Three-Dimensional printing models in the preoperative planning of carpal fractures and academic education.
María Lucía Barbieri Grezzi, Virginia Giachero Castaño, Oscar Jacobo Bastreri, Denisse Hartwig Rota, Gustavo Andrés Mantrana Sanchez (URUGUAY)

Two Reverse Pedicle Flaps for Repairing Soft Tissue Defects ofthe Finger: A Comparative, Prospective Study
Lei Xia, Yuben Xu, Junzhang Zhao, Peng Li, Liangku Huang (CHINA)

14:30 - 16:00 Symposium Congenital Hand

Moderator: Steven Moran (USA)                            
Scott Oishi (USA): Late complications following pollicization
Michael Tonkin (Australia): Late complications in cases of thumb duplication
Charles Goldfarb (USA): Late complications in cases of syndactyly
Goo Hyun Baek (Korea): Long term outcomes and complications in the treatment of synphalangism 
Miguel Hernandez (Mexico):Late complications in cases of radial hyploplasia 
Neil Jones (UK): Late complications following free toe transfer
Steven Moran (USA): Late management of macrodactyly and lipomatous median nerve

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Symposium Boutonniere and Swan Neck

Moderator: David Shewring (UK)
Sumedh Talwalkar (UK): Management of Boutonniere in RA
Alfredo Olazabal (Argentina): Management of traumatic Boutonniere
Alberto Lluch (Spain): Boutonniere overiew and surgical treatment of Swan Neck deformity
Rupert Eckersley (UK): Swan Neck overview and non operative treatment


09:55 - 12:25 Session 1C | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairmen: Enrique Pereira (Arg)- Alejandro Badia (USA)

A study of conservative treatment for Colles’ fractures using the novel classification by lateral radiographic view
Yukichi Zenke, Kayoko Furukawa, Akinori Sakai, Kunitaka Menuki, Hideyuki Hirasawa, Yoshiaki Yamanaka, Takafumi Tajima, Hideki Furukawa (JAPAN)

The correlation of fracture patterns of distal radius fractures and triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injures
Shu Guo Xing, Ren Guo Xie, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)

Distal radius fracture patients show reduced ability of dynamic body balancing
Koji Fujita, Hidetoshi Kaburagi, Takashi Miyamoto, Yoshiaki Wakabayashi, Ryuichi Kato, Atsuhi Okawa (JAPAN)

Incidence of Anti-osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment after Distal Radius Fractures.
Murillo Bernardo, Rodriguez Orlando, Vanoli Fernando, Iglesias Santiago, Allende Christian (ARGENTINA)

The role of CT in changing the classification and treatment of the fractures of the distal radius compared to conventional radiography regarding interobserver agreement
Gustavo Pacheco Martins Ferreira, Marco Antônio Percope de Andrade, Helio Pires de Mendonça Junior, Henrique de Gouvea Schneiter, Marcella Rodrigues Costa (BRAZIL)

Tendon rupture after volar locking plate fixation of distal radius fractures
Kotaro Sato, Katsuro Furumachi (JAPAN)

Surgical versus non-surgical treatment of ulnar styloid fractures in the context of distal radius fractures
Santiago Iglesias, Miguel Capomassi, Martin Caloia, Pablo Rotella, Christian Allende. (ARGENTINA)

Minimally invasive approach with pronator quadratus preservation for distal radius fracture: A prospective study
Gustavo Gomez Rodriguez, Hugo Sarmiento, Gabriel Clembosky (ARGENTINA)

Do ligamentous tears heal after anatomically reduced distal radius fracture?
Margaret Woon Man Fok, Christian Xinshuo Fang, Tak Wing Lau,Boris Kwok Keung Fung, Frankie Ka Li Leung (HONG KONG)

Pain management with continuous in situ diffusion of ropivacaine following mini-invasive locking plate fixation for distal radius fracture.
Gilles Candelier,Thomas Apard, Laurent Becuwe (FRANCE)

Distal radius fractures: Lunate facet – how to prevent secondary dislocation
Hermann Krimmer, Roman Wolters, Rene Schandl (GERMANY)

Accuracy of radiographic evaluation of Ulnar Styloid Base Fracture by Simple Radiogram
Yong-Suk Lee, Jin-Woo Kang, Seung-Han Shin, Yang-Guk Chung (KOREA)

Primary Wrist Hemiarthroplasty for Irreparable Distal Radius Fractures in the independent elderly.
Guillaume Herzberg, Marion Burnier (FRANCE)

Distal Humerus External Rotation Osteotomy for Hand Position in Arthrogryposis
Charles A. Goldfarb, MD Lindley B. Wall, MD Valerie Calhoun Stacey Baker (USA)

14:30 - 16:00 Symposium Reanimation of Hand Control in Tetraplegia

Moderator: Jan Fridén (Sweden) 

Catherine Curtin (USA): Utilization of tetraplegia hand surgery worldwide 
Allan Peljovitch (USA): Update on tendon transfers
Jayme Bertelli (Brazil): Essentials in nerve transfers
Natasha Van Zyl (Australia): Use and outcomes of nerve transfers
Jan Fridén (Sweden): Combination of nerve and tendon transfers 

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Session 1G | Free Papers (6)


Session Chairman: Samuel Ribak (Brazil) - Alvaro Muratore (Argentina)



The Effect of Sub-epineural platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on Regeneration of the sciatic
 nerve in a rat model

Mohammad javad Fatemi, Mohammad Reza Akhoondi nasab,
Siamak Farokh Forghani, Farzin Pakfetrat, kourosh Mansouri,Mitra Niazi (IRAN)



The Nerve of Henle: An Anatomic and Sympathetic Study of the Ulnar Innervation

Zancolli EP, Piazza D, Kaufman C, Scheker LR , Zancolli EA  (ARGENTINA – USA)



Clinical study of sensory recovery of artificial nerve grafts (Nerbridge®)

Hirotada Matsui,Hideki Tsui,Matsumi Saka (JAPAN)



The effect of neuronal growth factor (NGF) on the early recovery after experimental sciatic nerve defect in rabbits

Otto Móricz, Laszlo G. Nöt, Zoltan Pfund, Norbert Wiegand (HUNGARY)



Description and validation of a simple histological nerve tissue scoring system

C.A. Hundepool, L.F. Bulstra, D.M. Shin, A.T. Bishop, A.Y. Shin (USA)



Nerve Transfers for Enterovirus D68-Induced Acute Flaccid Myelitis: A Case Series for the Treatment of a Polio-like Endemic

Eliana Saltzman, Anthony Vu , Ann Schwenker, Schneider Rancy , Darryl Sneag, Kevin Yakuboff , Scott Wolfe (USA)


09:55 - 12:25 Session 1D | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairman:Jorge Clifton (Mexico)-Juliana Rojas Neira (Colombia)


Epithelioid Sarcoma of the Upper Extremity - Misdiagnosis
Sanae C Irimura, Hideo Morioka, Koichi Horiuchi,Kazuki Sato (JAPAN)

Bening hand soft tissue masses: a sonography-pathological correlation
Susana Rodríguez Paz, Ruth Galtés Fuentes, Aureli Oriol Segura, Carles Nadal Vives, Antonio Rañé Tarragó (SPAIN)

The management and surgical intervention timing of enchondromas: a 10-year experience
Xijie Zhou, Weidong Weng, Zhijie Li, Weiyang Gao, Hede Yan (CHINA)

Deep Palmar Tumors of the Hand


Kinetics of the wrist in scapholunate advanced collapse
Guillem Salva-Coll, Alex Lluch-Bergada, Marc Garcia-Elias, Mireia Esplugas-Mimo, Manuel Llusa-Perez (SPAIN)

Topographic Anatomy of Distal Radioulnar Ligament Insertion onto The Distal Ulna
Won-Jeong Shin, Yong-Eun Shin, Jong-Pil Kim, Hong J Kang (KOREA)

Reliability of new methods to quantify forearm torque and lifting strength
Peter Axelsson, Johan Kärrholm (SWEDEN)

3D virtual planning for corrective osteotomies made a difference
Peter Axelsson, rnEls Bruynooghe  (SWEDEN)

Surgical revascularization of cryopreserved allografts: Revitalizing structural allografts in a porcine tibia defect model
Noortje J. Visser, Alexander Y. Shin, Allen T. Bishop (USA)

Factors that may influence the hand grip strength in an adult healthy population
Artur Costa Neto, Vera Resende, Ricardo Frada, Carlos Queirós, Nuno Reais (PORTUGAL)

Online database for prospective and retrospective scientific evaluation of surgical results
Ferenc Urbán, Zoltán Czinke, Beáta Bajdik, Zsolt Rimaszéki, Géza Bábás, Zsolt Szabó (HUNGARY)

Extending Vascularized Composite Tissue Survival Using Near Normothermic Ex-Situ Perfusion
Nicole Werner, Fares Alghanem, Stephanie L Rakestraw, Alvaro Rojas-Pena, Kagan Ozer (USA)

Biological Characteristics of Adipose-derived Stem Cells in Macrodactyly
Xi Yang, Yongkang Jiang, Bin Wang (CHINA)

Effect of electroacupuncture at Zuansanli(ST36) on dorsal random-pattern skin flap survival in a rat model
Li-Ren Wang, Ding-Sheng Lin (CHINA)

Morphology of the Lateral Ulnar Collateral Ligament of the Elbow
Karen Tokunaga, Kotaro Sato, Goro Tajima, Katsuro Furumachi, Yoshikuni Mimata, Katsumi Tajima, Yuki Kikuchi, Minoru Doita (JAPAN)

14:30 - 16:00 Session 1F | Free Papers (9)


Session Chairmen: Violeta Levy (Arg) - Carlos Saenz (Brazil)

A new surgical technique for mallet finger with bone anchor and reverse lateral band slips – a cadaveric biomechanical study
Jun Tan, Ming Ye, Jing Chen, Jinbo Tang (CHINA)

Outcomes of the 6-strand M-Tang repair for zone II primary flexor tendon repair in 45 digits
Xiang Zhou, Xiang Rong Li, Jun Qing, Jing Chen, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)

Multistrand tendon repairs with early active motion versus 2-strand repairs with passive motion: Results of zone 2 flexor tendon repairs in 68 digits
Zhang Jun Pan, Yun Fei Xu, Lei Pan, Jing Chen, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)

Extensor Tendon Repairs Zones IV to VII - A Year’s Prospective Comparison Audit of Early Active Motion and Immediate Controlled Active Motion Regimes
C Pilbeam,  J Ellis,  M Arundell (UK)

Restoration of Pronation and Radial deviation in “The beggar’s hand” deformity by Switch Technique
Turker Ozkan, Omer Berkoz, H. Utkan Ayd?n, Safiye Ozkan, Erol Kozanoglu (TURKEY)

Failure of surgical treatment in DeQuervain's tenosynovitis. What is the reason?
Ferenc Urbán, Géza Bábás, Zoltán Czinke, Zsolt Rimaszéki, Beáta Bajdik (HUNGARY)

Engineering tendon with a novel composite scaffold and repairing monkey tendon defect
Yongkang Jiang, Bo Chen, Wei Liu, Bin Wang (CHINA)

Functional result of tendon transfers and releases for the upper extremity in spastic hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
Marcia Carrasco, Manuel Méndez, Marcela Aguilera, Gianette Naranjo, Catalina Parot (CHILE)

Evaluation of Interobserver Agreement in the Albertoni’s Classification for Mallet Finger
Vinícius Alexandre de Souza Almeida, Carlos Henrique Fernandes, João Baptista Gomes dos Santos, Francisco Schwartz Fernandes, Marcela Fernandes, Luis Renato Nakachima, Flavio Faloppa, Walter Manna Albertoni (BRAZIL)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Session 1H | Free Papers (6)


Session Chairman: Adriana Pemoff (Argentina ) 

Nerve transfer for restoring upper limb function in traumatic cervical spinal cord injury – an evidence-based surgical algorithm
Joseph Ward, Mohammad Nassimizadeh, Simon Tan, Dominic Power (UK)

Nerve transfer for restoration of upper limb function in traumatic cervical spinal cord injury – an unmet need in the United Kingdom?
Joseph Ward, Bafiq Nizar, Simon Tan, Dominic Power (UK)

The Super Supinator! – Reliably restoring active hand opening in C5/6 tetraplegia using the supinator nerve to posterior Interosseous nerve (PIN) transfer
Natasha van Zyl, Michael Weymouth, Stephen Flood, Jodie Hahn, Cathy Cooper (AUSTRALIA)

Nerve transfer surgery in tetraplegia: Electrodiagnostic evidence of lower motor neuron injury in donor and recipient nerves and the implications for surgical decision making
Nilay Yalcin, Natasha van Zyl (AUSTRALIA)

The role of electromyography in planning nerve transfer of the upper limbafter tetraplegic spinal cord injury
Mohammad Nassimizadeh, Bafiq Nizar, Deepak Samson, Colin Shirley, Dominic Power (UK)



10:30 - 13:00 IFSHT Programme

14:30 - 17:30 IFSHT Programme


Wednesday 26 th October, 2016


08:00 - 10:30 Symposium Wrist Arthroscopy: Past-Present-Future

Moderator: Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt (Norway)

Terry Whipple (USA): How it started..., and why
Gustavo Mantovani (Brazil): Arthroscopic treatment of volar and dorsal wrist ganglia
Guillaume Herzberg (France): Arthroscopic management of distal radius fractures
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain): Arthroscopic management of distal radius malunion
Bo Liu (China): Arthroscopic management of scaphoid fractures and PLFD
Jeff Ecker (Australia): Arthroscopic management of scaphoid nonunion
Christophe Matoulin (France): Arthroscopic management of S-L dissociation
Max Haerle (Germany): Arthroscopic management of ulnar impaction syndrome 
Jan-Ragnar Haugstvedt (Norway): Arthroscopic assisted reattachment of TFCC
Andrea Atzei (Italy): Arthroscopic assisted reconstruction of TFCC 
Loris Pegoli (Italy): Arthroscopic assisted treatment of STT arthritis
Tyson Cobb (USA): Arthroscopic assisted treatment of CMC I arthritis 
Philippe Liverneaux (France): Endoscpic assisted robotic surgery
Pak Cheong Ho (Hong Kong): Pushing the limits of wrist arthroscopy

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:20 The Classics

Chairman: Michael Tonkin (Australia)

Hanno Millesi (Austria): Nerve transfers
Goran Lundborg (Sweden): Research in nerve regeneration
Eduardo A. Zancolli (Argentina): The “lazo” operation
David Lichtman (USA): Midcarpal instability
David Green (USA): How to do a classic textbook in hand surgery

12:20 - 13:20 Swanson Lecture: James Strickland (USA)

"Moments in Time: Hand Surgery"


08:00 - 09:15 Symposium Wide - Awake Hand Surgery: East and West

Moderators: Donald Lalonde (Canada) and Jin Bo Tang  (China)
Jin Bo Tang (China): Wide-awake hand surgeries in my unit and the impact departmental setting changes 
Peter Amadio (USA): Wide-awake surgery in an academic center 
Don Lalonde (Canada): Tips and tricks for doing wide-awake hand surgery
Teddy  Prasetyono (Indonesia): Wide-awake non-tourniquet for surgeries in adult and cooperative children
Elizabet Hagert  (Sweden): Wide-awake surgery – from wrist to shoulder
Shohei Omokawa (Japan): Ultrasound-guided sensory nerve block for wide awake tendon reconstruction 
Carlos Martínez (Argentina):Wide awake PIP Fracture Surgery
Don Lalonde (Canada): Questions/answers and summary

09:15 - 10:30 Updating Course Hand Fractures

Director: Amit Gupta (USA)
Paul Binhammer (Canada): Evidence based management of hand fractures  
Amit Gupta (USA): Planning in the management of hand fractures    
Kyle Bickel (USA): Metacarpal fractures            
Damien Ryan (Australia): Phalangeal fractures 
Michael Solomons (South Africa): Intraraticular hand fractures
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain): Intramedullary fixation of hand fractures
Beng Hai Lim (Singapure): Nonunion of hand fractures
Hermann Krimmer (Germany): Malunion of hand fractures  


10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:20 Round Table Static Reducible S-L Dissociation: indications, technique (video), results

Moderator: Marc García Elías (Spain)
Mark Ross (Australia): Scapholunotriquetral tenodesis 
Philippe Cuénod (Switzerland): Bone-ligament-bone graft and dorsal capsulodesis for chronic S-L instability 
Fernando Corella (Spain): Arthroscopic ligamentoplasty of the dorsal and volar portions of the S-L ligament
Marc Garcia Elias (Spain): Stabilization of the reducible S-L instability with the ECRL 
Dan Zlotolow (USA): The S-L axis method to reconstruct a rupture of the S-L linkage
Houshang Seradge (USA): Dynodesis for the treatment of S-L dissociation                         



08:00 - 09:00 Round Table Tips in Hand and Finger Replantations

Moderator: James Urbaniak (USA)

Milan Stevanovic (USA): Replantation of the thumb
Raja Sabapathy (India): Replantation of transmetacarpal amputations
Yoshiki Yamano (Japan): Fingertip and functional finger replantation
Feng Zhu (China): Clinical experience in fingertip replantations
Chih Hung Lin (Taiwan ): Secondary surgery following major upper limb replantation

09:00 - 10:30 Symposium Advances in Microsurgical Repair of the Mangled Hand

Moderator: Alexandru Georgescu (Romania)

Alexandru Georgescu (Romania): Choosing the flap in mutilated hand
Michael Neumeister (USA): The evolution of free flaps in mutilated hand surgery
Geoffrey Hallok (USA): Perforator flaps for large upper extremity complex wounds
Pierluigi Tos (Italy): Results of unusual indication in replantation
Bruno Battiston (Italy): Actual indications to digital replantations
Nash Naam (USA): Spare parts
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain):Indications for toe transfer in mangled hand

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:20 Symposium Best Free Flaps and Tissue Transfers for the Upper Extremity

Moderator: Scott Levin (USA)

Raja Sabapathy (India): Faps for acute trauma for limb preservation
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain): Vascularized small parts from the foot for hbd reconstruction
Neil Jones (USA): Flap selection for pediatric trauma and strategy for post traumatic hand reconstruction
Milan Stevanovic (USA): What I have leaned in 3 decades of functional muscle transfer.


08:00 - 09:15 Problem Cases Session: Reconstructive Surgery

Moderator: Sergio Daroda (Argentina)

Claudio Angrigiani (Argentina)
Massimo Ceruso (Italy)
Alexander Shin (USA)
Antonio Costa (Brasil)
Pedro Delgado (Spain)

09:15 - 10:30 Problem Cases Session Hand Dysfunctions

Moderator: Adriana Pemoff (Argentina)

Amy Ladd (USA)
Jan Fridén (Sweden)
Manuel Mendez Becerra (Chile)
Sebastián Valbuena (Argentina)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:20 Symposium Fingertip and Nail Bed Injuries

Moderator: Jefferson Braga Silva (Brazil) 

Jefferson Braga Silva (Brazil): Nail bed injuries
Roberto Adani (Italy): Nail lengthening and fingertip amputations 
Michel Chammas (France): Fingertip injuries  
Thomas Giesen (Switzerland): Distal phalanx reconstruction with combined techniques
David Elliot (UK): Fingertip injuries, flap reconstruction



08:00 - 09:30 Symposium Hand Infections

Moderator: Kyle Eberlin  (USA)

Konstantinos Malizos (Greece): Compartmental hand infections (i.e. deep-space abscesses, collar-button abscesses, etc)
Zsolt Szabo (Hungary): Septic conditions in the hand/wrist and the role of pedicled flaps for coverage/treatment

Richard J. Tosti (USA):Antibiotic resistant hand infections
Kyle Eberlin (USA):  Indications for peri-operative antibiotics and prevention and treatment of post-operative hand infection

09:30 - 10:30 Symposium Raynaud's Disease

Moderator: Eduardo R. Zancolli (Argentina)  
Alejandro Nistche (Argentina): Prevalence, clinical diagnosis, differentiation between primary and secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon, medical treatment of primary Raynaud’s disease 
Alejandro Nitsche (Argentina): Trophic complications of Raynaud’s phenomenon and their medical treatment 
Is there any indication for surgery  in complicated Raynaud’s phenomenon? 
Wyndell H Merritt (USA): Rationale and results of” Extended”periarterial sympathectomy and vein graft reconstruction in severe Raynaud Syndrome
Wyndell H Merritt USA): Botulinum toxine

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:20 Problem Cases Session: Chronic Carpal Pathology

Moderator: Pablo De Carli (Argentina)
Rames Mattar Junior (Brazil)
Alex Lluch (Spain)
Elizabeth Hagert (Sweden)
Randy Bindra (Australia)
Pier Paolo Borelli (Italy)  


08:00 - 10:30 Session 2A | Free Papers (15)

Session Chairmen: Alejandro Espinosa (Mexico) –  Juan Manuel Breyer (Chile)

The Effect of A Decision Aid on Decisional Conflict in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hyun Sik Gong, Jin Woo Park, Ka Hyun Kim, Jihyeong Kim, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)

MRI analysis of Carpal tunnel syndrome in hemodialysis patients, compared to non-hemodialysis patients.
Koji Fujita, Kenji Kimori, Yutaka Kadonishi, Atushi Okawa,Yoshikazu Ikuta (JAPAN)

Assessment of Motor Function Using Ultrasound Quantifiction of Abductor Pollicis  Brevis in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Jong-Pil Kim, Won-Jeong Shin, Young-Eun Shin, Hong J Kang (SOUTH KOREA)

Evaluation of vitamin D levels in women with carpal tunnel syndrome
Seung Hoo Lee, Hyun Sik Gong, Jihyeong Kim, Goo Hyun Baek (SOUTH KOREA)

Incidence of surgically treated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: influence of gender, age and health insurance status.
Jorge Vergara, Paula Pino, María Jesús Lira, Pamela Mery (CHILE)

Is electroneurography mandatory for carpal tunnel syndrome diagnose?
Zoltán Czinke, Geza Bábás, Beata Bajdik, Zsolt Rimaszeki, Ferenc Urban, Zsolt Szabo (HUNGARY)

Ultrasound Guided Hydrodissection For Severe Carpal Tunnel Treatment
Francisco Javier Ferreira,RnJuan Gonzalez Del Pino (SPAIN)

Intrao-perative electrophysiology examination of median nerve showed the quick outcome of carpal tunnel release
Jie Chen, Lei Xu, Dong tian (CHINA)

Does MR neurography parameters predict or correlate with clinical recovery in severe Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
Bhavuk Garg, Prakash Kotwal, Deep Srivastav, Chandan Das, Deepti Vibha, Vikrant manhas, Anand vardhan, Rajesh Malhotra (INDIA)

Does single stage Opponensplasty should be added at the time of release for severe carpal tunnel syndrome
Bhavuk Garg, Prakash Kotwal, Deep Srivastav, Chandan Das, Deepti Vibha, Vikrant manhas, Anand vardhan, Rajesh malhotra (INDIA)

Benefits of the « e-informed consent » in hand surgery for the surgeon and the patient. A study of 145 carpal tunnel syndrome cases.
Gilles Candelier, Thomas Apard, Jean Pierre Lemerle (FRANCE)

The relationship between early symptom relief and surgical outcomes in moderate to severe cubital tunnel syndrome.
Sang Ho Kwak, Jung Yun Bae, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)

Strickland's surgery in the recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome
José Joaquín Díaz López, Diego Andrés Noguera Goyes, Ma. Francisca Vázquez Alonso (MEXICO)


Minimally invasive treatment of Dupuytren: Collagenase vs. PNF
Eva-Maria Baur, Robert Zimmermann, Verena Müller, Waltraud Mair (GERMANY)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 13:00 Session 2B | Free Papers (12)

Session Chairmen: Angel Ferreres (Spain)- Francisco Camacho (Colombia)

Predicting outcome after surgery for carpometacarpal osteoarthritis; a prospective study
Kim Spekreijse, Ewout Steyerberg, Jonathan Tsehaie, Guus Vermeulen, Reinier Feitz, Harm Slijper, Steven Hovius,Ruud Selles (THE NETHERLANDS)

Patient-perceived outcome after total wrist arthroplasty. A single center study of 223 cases.
Marcus Sagerfors, Ole Brus, Kurt Pettersson (SWEDEN)

The pathophysiology of the osteoarthritis of the thumb: Joint stability  and role of the main carpometacarpal ligaments
Claudia Lamas, Manuel Llusà, Amer Mustafa, Ignacio Proubasta, Rosa Morro, Anna Carrera (SPAIN)

?otal Joint Replacement of the Trapeziometacarpal joint: Minimum five Year Follow-Up
Lyudmil Simeonov, Johanna Jacobson-Petrov (BLGARY)

Autologus chondrocyte transplantation in the treatment of thumb CMC joint osteoarthritis
Jane C Messina, Ferruccio Torretta (ITALY)

Multimodal Diagnostic Approach to Monoarthritis of the Wrist
Jihyeung Kim, Kee Jeong Bae, Seung Hwan Rhee, Hyun Sik Gong, Young Ho Lee, Goo Hyun Baek (SOUTH KOREA)

Anatomical Wrist Patterns on Plain Radiographs
Aviv Kramer, Alon Wolf, Idit Lavi, Tal Kalaiman, Ronit Wollstein (ISRAEL)

First ray stabilization with mini-tightrope in the treatment of trapeziometacarpal arthritis
Ana Marta Coelho, Filipa Santos Silva, Carolina Baptista (PORTUGAL)

PyroDisc® Interposition Implant for Trapeziomatecarpal Osteoarthritis –5 year Clinical Results
Romeu Pinho, Artur Costa Neto, Vera Resende, José Manuel Teixeira, Ricardo Frada  (PORTUGAL)

Arthroscopic management of thumb base arthritis
Clara Wing-Yee Wong, Michael Chu-Kay Mak, Pak-Cheong Ho (HONG KONG)

Clinical outcomes of volar oblique ligament reconstruction in thumb basal joint arthritis :
 Is it still useful for Eaton-Littler stage III osteoarthritis?
Jin-woo Kang, Yong-Suk Lee, Seun- Han Shin, Yang-Guk Chung (KOREA)

The Short - term effects of two different orthosis in pain relief in patient with carpometacarpal joint osteoarthritis. A prospective, randomized, controlled trial.
R. Cantero-Téllez, Ph.D, Deborah A. Schwartz, OTD, OTR/L, CHT. Jean Christophe Arias. Orthopedic. Orthofor Company (SPAIN)


08:00 - 13:00 IFSHT Programme


Thursday 27 th October, 2016


08:00 - 10:00 Symposium Nerve Transfers

Moderator: Alexander Shin (USA)
Jayme Bertelli (Brazil): The evolving role of nerve transfers – Why distal is better
Scott Wolfe (USA):  A Plea for use of viable nerve roots – Why I recommend grafing of viable roots
Amy Moore (USA):The role of distal nerve transfers in the forearm: Are they better than tendon transfers?
Bo Liu (China): The role of contralateral C7 nerve transfers
Allen Bishop (USA): Nerve transfers to free functioning muscles: Is there a role in acute reconstruction?


10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00 Symposium Scaphoid Nonunions

Moderator: Diego Fernández (Switzerland)
Xavier Mir (Spain): Scaphoid shapes
Andreas Schweizer (Switzerland): Computer asisted reconstruction of scaphoid nonunions
David Green (USA): Matti Russe and the issue of vascularity
Carlos Zaidenberg (Argentina): Distal radius ½ vascularized bone graft 
Allen Bishop (USA): Medial femoral condyle vascularized free bone graft 
Diego Fernández (Switzerland): Iliac crest tricortical bone graft
Christophe Mathoulin (France): Volar distal radius vascularized bone graft

12:00 - 13:00 Session 3C | Best Free Papers (6)

Session Chairmen: Miguel Del Cerro (Spain)-Miguel Slullitel(Arg)



Arthroscopic repair of triangular fibrocartilage complex (tfcc): biomechanical
comparison between the foveal and the conventional outside-in capsular repairs for type ib tears

Felix Riano, Michelle Chargot (USA)



Radiologic assessment of scaphoid dorsal translation in patients with scapholunate instability

Jordan Villa, Eliana Saltzman, Douglas Mintz, Scott Wolfe , Steve Lee (USA)



Diagnostic Test Study Of The Skyline View For Dorsal Screw Protrusion After Fixation Of Distal Radius Fractures

Monica Navas-Reyes, Maria C. Rodriguez-Ricardo, Constanza Moreno-Serrano, Jorge I. Quintero, Julio C. Bermudez (COLOMBIA)



Outcome of distal radioulnar joint in Galeazzi lesions: 11 year follow-up

Eliana Petrucelli, Agustín Donndorff, Jorge Boretto, Gerardo Gallucci, Pablo De Carli (ARGENTINA)



Extensor carpi ulnaris tendon dislocation: a wrist "Labral-like" injury

Eduardo Pereira, Luciano Pereira, Fabio Imoto (BRAZIL)



A treatment algorithm for correcting extensor lag in vascularized toe proximal interphalangeal joint to finger transfers

Yu-Te Lin, Charles Loh, Fu-Chan Wei (TAIWAN)



Dupuytren’s disease predicts increased cancer and cardiovascular mortality: a large study in primary care in the UK

Kuo RYL, Prieto-Alhambra D, Furniss D (UK)

14:30 - 16:00 Symposium PIP Prosthesis: What works what doesn?t

Moderator: Daniel Herren (Switzerland)
Review: Kevin Chung (USA): What is evidence based in PIP joint replacement (15’)
Debate: Silicone for ever vs. Silicone never  (20’)
Silicone spacer: Kevin Chung (5´)
Real joints: Daniel Herren (5´)
Moderator: Peter Weiss
What´s new in the market: Pip joint replacement (20´)
Philippe Bellemere (France): TAKTYS
Sumedh Talwalkar (UK): Writingthon Implant
Stephan Schindele (Switzerland): CAPFLEX
Surgical approach does it matter? What’s best? (20’)
Peter Weiss (USA):Dorsal
Hermann Krimmer (Germany): Volar 
Massimo Ceruso (Italy):Lateral 

Limits to PIP replacement: Case discussion all faculty (15’)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Round Table Cubital Tunnel Compression: Technique (video) and results

Moderator: Jin Bo Tang (China) 

Gregory Bain (Australia): Endoscopic cubital tunnel release
John Lubahn (USA): Endoscopic treatment of ulnar nerve entrapment
Jin Bo Tang (China): Wide-awake mini-incision cubital tunnel release
Randy Bindra (USA): Anterior subcutaneous transposition of ulnar nerve
Daniel Nagle (USA): Evaluation of ulnar nerve stability after in-situ decompression
Jonathan Isaacs (USA): Supercharging the ulnar nerve qith AIN for severe cubital tunnel syndrome


08:00 - 10:00 Updating Course Part I Hand & Wrist Biomechanics International

Directors: William Seitz (USA) and Frederic Schuind (Belgium) 

David L. Nelson (USA): How to read wrist radiographs
Marc García-Elías (Spain): Latest research on neuromuscular control of carpal instability
Trey Crisco (USA): Biomechanics of the wrist
Zong-Ming Li, PhD (USA): Carpal tunnel mechanics and clinical translation
Frederic W. Werner (USA): Biomechanics of the DRUJ
Frederic Schuind (Belgium): Difficult problems and complications at the forearm  

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:15 Updating Course Part II Hand & Wrist Biomechanics International

Directors: David L. Nelson ( USA) and Frederic W. Werner (USA):
William Seitz (USA): Reconstruction rather than ablation of Blauth 3B congenital thumb hypoplasia 
Ken Fischer (USA): Thumb Biomechanics: key principles, measurement methods, and analysis techniques
Trey Crisco (USA): Thumb Biomechanics in early OA progression

11:15 - 12:30 Session 3D | Best Free Papers (7)

Session Chairmen:Donald Lalonde (Canada) – Andrea Atzei (Italy)



Microsurgical Reconstruction For Complex Thumb Duplication

Mi Jing-Yi, Rui Yong-Jun, Shen Xiao-Fang, Zhao Gang (CHINA)



Neurovascular island flap for pulp and nail augmentation in hypoplastic thumb duplication reconstruction

Bo Liu, Pak-cheong Ho, Wing-lam Tse, Ching-san Chow, Wing-yee Wong (CHINA)



Introduction of adipose-derived stem cells in decellularized nerve allografts: an in-vitro analysis of the gene expression
and growth factors

Nadia Rbia, Liselotte F. Bulstra. Alan T. Bishop, Steven E.R. Hovius, Alexander Y. Shin (THE NETHERLANDS –USA)



Peripheral Nerve Rewiring in the Treatment of Hemiplegic Upper Extremity Following Central Neurologic Injury

Wen-Dong Xu  (CHINA)



Functional Outcome after Reconstruction of a Long Nerve Gap in Rabbits
 Using Optimized Decellularized Nerve Allografts

L.F. Bulstra, C.A. Hundepool, A.T. Bishop, S.E.R. Hovius, A.Y. Shin (USA)



Is the use of humeral tourniquet painful during pripheral local anaesthesia?

Geza Babas, Ferenc Urban, Zoltan Czinke, Zsolt Rimaszeki, Beata Bajdik, Zsolt Szabo (HUNGARY)

12:30 - 13:00 Debate: Does the hand respond to the Divine Proportion?

Moderator: Zolt Szabo (Hungary) 
Proponent: Amit Gupta (USA) 
Opponent: Mario Rodriguez Sammartino (Argentina)

14:30 - 16:00 Updating Course Wrist Fractures

Director: Jesse Jupiter (USA)


Gregory Bain (Australia): Anatomy and radiology of distal radius fractures                             
Diego Fernández (Switzerland): Carpal Instability Non-Dissociative with intra-articular fractures and radiocarpal dislocations
Lee Osterman (USA): Management of post traumatic problems of the DRUJ
Moroe Beppu (Japan): Outcomes of volar plate fixation in Japan 
Robert Medoff (USA): Fragment specific fixation of distal radius fractures


16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Round Table Distal Radius Malunions: extraarticular and intraarticular osteotomies

Moderator: Miguel Capomassi (Argentina)
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain): Arthroscopic assisted  
Diego Fernández (Switzerland): Extraarticular osteotomies 
Miguel Capomassi (Argentina): Intraarticular osteotomies
Filip Stockmans (Belgium): Computer assisted  
Riccardo Luchetti (Italy): Strategy in the management of the distal radius malunion


08:00 - 09:00 Symposium Dupuytren`s Disease

Moderator: Steven Hovius  (The Netherlands) 
Steven Hovius (The Netherlands): Introduction
David Warwick (UK): Pathways we can never prove
Gary Pess (USA): Needles and enzymes
Steven Hovius (The Netherlands): Fat grafts and flaps
Ilse Degreef  (Belgium): Is a flowchart with alternative techniques possible?
Panel discussion 

09:00 - 10:00 Round table Treatment of recurrent Dupuytren and results

ModeratorIlse Degreef (Belgium)



Gary Pess (USA): Definition of recurrence

Richard Lawson (Australia): complications in recurrence surgery

Paul Werker (The Netherlands): needle fasciotomy in recurrent disease

K Eberlin (USA): collagenase and recurrence

Steven Hovius (The Netherlands): fat grafting

 Ilse Degreef (Belgium): FTG and salvage procedures

Discussion and Conclusions                          

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00 Round Table Comparing TMC Arthroplasties: Technique (video), immobilization time and percentage of pain free results

Moderator:  Luis Scheker (USA):  
Christian Perrotto (Argentina): Zancolli´s modified capsular interposition arthroplasty for basal thumb arthritis
Violeta Levy (Argentina): Uriburu’s stabilized resection arthroplasty
Gerardo Gallucci (Argentina): Illarramendi´s Trapeziectomy and Intercarpal ligament reconstruction with extensor radials longus 
Ilse Degreef (Belgium): The ARPE implant arthroplasty.
Ilse Degreef (Belgium): Pearls and Pitfalls of implant arthroplasties, why it is preferable to have and LTI
Pablo Eduardo Zancolli (Argentina): Dynamic Suspension Arthroplasty with one half of the Flexor Carpi Radials.

12:00 - 13:00 Session 3 E | Free Papers


Session Chairmen: Marc Richard (USA)- Claudia Lamas (Spain)



Arthroscopic Treatment of Scaphoid Non-Union without Bone Graft and
Distal Radius Core Decompression: a new approach to an old problem. Preliminary Report

Martín F. Caloia, Hugo F. Caloia, Diego González Scotti, Diego L. Fernández (ARGENTINA-SWITZERLAND).



Free medial femoral condyle flap for reconstruction of scaphoid pseudarthrosis – a last resort?

Vanja Celigoj, Claus Deglmann, Bernhard Lukas (GERMANY)



Failed scaphoid surgery with nonunion, bone defect and loose headless screw treated by nonunion resection, bone grafting and scaphoid plating

Radek Kebrle Tomas Helmut Alena Schmoranzova (CZECH REPUBLIC)



percutaneous scaphoid screw fixation; suggested classification based on radiographic union predictor

Mostafa Mahmoud, Ashraf Moharram, Sherif Ban, Ahmed El-Xeni, Abdullah Seif-Alnasr (EGYPT)



Comparative study of surgical treatment of articular fractures of the distal radius
 with volar locking screw plate system in patients with worker’s compensation: with and without dry arthroscopy assistance.

Nazira Bernal, José Luis Cifras, Leonardo Osses, Miguel Sanhueza, Juan José Valderrama (CHILE)



Do patients with an inferior subjective result 12 months after a distal radius fracture improve over time? A prospective register study.

Magnus Tägil, Philippe Kopylov, Antonio Abrtamo, Marcus Landgren (SWEDEN)

13:00 - 14:30 IFSSH Delegates Meeting

14:30 - 16:00 Symposium Hand and Wrist Sport Injuries

Moderator: Loris Pegoli (Italy)
Gregory Bain (Australia): PIP joint injuries in athletes
Giorgio Pivato (Italy): A new protocol to prevent PIP joint synovitis in climbers
Sergio Daroda (Argentina): Wrist conditions in climbers
Alejandro Badía (USA): Ulnar sided wrist pain in athletes
Toshyasu Nakamura (Japan): TFCC lesions in athletes
Riccardo Luchetti (Italy): Acute and subacute S-L lesion in athletes
Loris Pegoli  (Italy): Chronic S-L lesion in athletes
Mireia Esplugas (Spain): The importance of hand therapy significance in wrist instabilities in athletes
Wing Yup Ip (Hong Kong): Nerve injuries in sports

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Symposium Managemet of CTS and it?s Complications

Moderator: Kevin Chung (USA)

Fraser Leversedge (USA): Understanding the functional anatomy of CTS to assure safe surgery
Marco Rizzo (USA): Recurrent carpal tunnel: aetiology and solutions 
Bobby Chhabra (USA): Complications after carpal tunnel Release: how to avoid and treat
Jennifer Waljee (USA): Pain and psychological factors for patients with CTS 
Kevin Chung (USA): Case discussions with panelists and audience 


08:00 - 09:00 Symposium Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Moderator: Michele Merle (France)
Michele Merle (France): Tentative of definition
Andre Gay (France): Recent understanding of pathophysiology
Frederic Schuind (Belgium): Prevention of CRPS type I
Susan Stralka (USA) (PT): CRPS – don’t forget the brain
Alberto Pérez (Chile): Description of a population of work-compensated patients affected of CRPS


09:00 - 10:00 Symposium Mangled Hand and War Injuries

Moderator: Rodolfo Cosentino (Argentina) 
Marko Bumbasirevic (Serbia): Blast injuries of tha extremities; etiology, pathophysiology, classification and treatment
Raja Sabapathy (India): Secondary reconstruction in severe injuries of the hand and forearm
Amit Gupta (USA): Immediate treatment of the mangled hand and  forearm

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:30 Symposium Wrist Arthroplasty

Moderator: Michel Boeckstyns (Danmark)  
Guillaume Herzberg (France): Indications and contraindications
Marco Rizzo (USA ): Current results, problems and challenges 
Gregory Bain (Australia): Registries, potential and challenges
Pak Cheong Ho (Hong Kong): Current status in Asia
Guillermo Loda (Argentina): Current status in South America
Michel Boeckstyns (Danmark): Future perspectives and conclusions

11:30 - 13:00 Symposium Controversies un Rheumatoid Handsurgery

Moderator: Daniel Herren (Switzerland)
1- Stop the biologicals for RA hand surgery vs. do not stop the biologicals for RA hand surgery (15´)
Proponent (Stop biologicals): Hajime Ishikawa (Japan) (6´)
Opponent (Do not stop biologicals): Marco Rizzo (USA) (6´) 
Conclusion: Daniel Herren (Switzerland)  (3´)
2- MP joint arthroplasty: Ulnar drift  always comes back vs. ulnar drift is correctable also in the long term
Proponent (Ulnar drift  always comes back): Alfredo Olazabal (Argentina) 
Opponent (ulnar drift is correctable also in the long term) Alberto Lluch (Spain) 
Conclusion: Kevin Chung (USA) 
3- Open vs. arthroscopic wrist synovectomy in RA 
Proponent (Open synovectomy): Philippe  Bellemere (France)
 Opponent (arthroscopic synovectomy): PC Ho (Hong Kong)
Conclusion: Daniel Herren  (Switzerland) 
4- Wrist fusion vs. wrist arthroplasty in RA 
Proponent (wrist fusion): Greg Bain  (Australia) 
Opponent (wrist arthroplasty):  Michel Boeckstyns (Danmark) 
Conclusion: Kevin Chung (USA) 
5- Distal radio-ulnar arthroplasty vs. resection arthroplasty in RA wrists 

 Proponent(DRU arthroplasty):  Jörg van Schoonhoven (Germany)
 Opponent (DRU resection): Stephan Schindele (Switzerland)  
Conclusion: Daniel Herren (Switzerland)

14:30 - 16:00 Session 3H | Free Papers (9)


Session Chairmen: Jorge Boretto (Argentina) - Sebastian Valbuena (Argentina)



Functional outcome of nerve transfers for traumatic global brachial plexus avulsion

Yuzhou Liu, Jie Lao, Kaiming Gao, Yudong Gu, Xin Zhao (CHINA)



Late nerve repairs in Brachial Plexus Lesions

Piero Raimondi, Alain Gilbert (ITALY-FRANCE)



long-term observation of respiratory function after unilateral phrenic nerve and multiple intercostal nerve transfer for avulsed brachial plexus injury

Mou-Xiong Zheng, Yan-Qun Qiu, Jian-Guang Xu, Wen-Dong Xu (CHINA)



Elbow flexion reconstruction by end-to-side neurorrhaphy in phrenic nerve transfer

Mou-Xiong Zheng, Wen-Dong Xu, Yun-Dong Shen, Jian-Guang Xu, Yu-Dong Gu (CHINA)



Long-term ongoing cortical remodeling after contralateral C-7 nerve transfer

Xu-Yun Hua, Bin Liu, Yan-Qun Qiu, Wei-Jun Tang, Wen-Dong Xu, Han-Qiu Liu, Jian-Guang Xu, Yu-Dong Gu (CHINA)



Lower Trapezius Transfer to Improve External Shoulder Rotation in Patients With Brachial Plexus Injury.

Marcelo Rosa de Rezende, Bruno Eiras Crepaldi, José Queiroz Lima Neto, Rames Mattar Júnior, Daniele dos Santos Scarcella (BRAZIL)



Contralateral C7 transfer via the prespinal and retropharyngeal
 route to repair C6 and C8 for patients with total brachial plexus root avulsion

Xu Lei,Gu Yudong. (CHINA)



Oberlin´s procedure in obstetric brachial plexus palsy

Sebastian Valbuena, Vytautas Gasiunas (ARGENTINA)



Oberlin's procedure in concomitant with Anterior shoulder release in management of upper obstetric
brachial plexus palsy; Indications & functional outcomes (Noaman's Procedure)

Hassan Hamdy Noaman (EGYPT)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Symposium Spastic Hand. Surgery for Cerebral Palsy-What works for me and why sometimes doesn?t work

Moderator: Michael Tonkin (Australia)

Turker Ozkan (Turkey): Surgery for the pronation deformity)
Maxim Horwitz (UK): Combined wrist fusion, tendon adjustment and selective neurectomy
Michael Tonkin (Australia):Surgery for thumb deformity
Eva Ponten (Sweden): Why tendon transfers in the growing child are unpredictable


08:00 - 10:00 Session 3A | Free Papers (12)


Session Chairmen: Gustavo Mantovanni (Brazil)- Martín Caloia (Argentina)



Therapeutic results of nonunion of the scaphoid including intractable cases

Katsumi Takase, Kengo Yamamoto (JAPAN)



Percutaneous fixation for scaphoid nonunion with bone grafting through the distal
insertion hole of a fully threaded headless screw

Souichi Ohta, Ryosuke Ikeuchi, Yukitoshi Kaizawa, Hiroki Oda, Hirofumi Yurie, Shuichi Matsuda (JAPAN)



Retrograde percutaneous scaphoid type II non-union screw fixation in Schernberg zones 2 to 4: about 38 cases




Stabilization of scaphoid fractures by one or two headless bone screws

S. Quadlbauer, Ch. Pezzei, J. Porta, T. Hausner, M. Leixnering (AUSTRIA)



Treatment of scaphoid nonunion by surgery and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

S. Quadlbauer, Ch. Pezzei, P. Reb, T. Hausner, M. Leixnering (AUSTRIA)






Shortening osteotomy for ulnar impaction syndrome.

José Joaquín Díaz López, Ma. Francisca Vázquez Alonso, Jesús Javier Briseño Pérez (MEXICO)



Inside-out Method to Develop Volar Arthroscopic Portals of the Wrist in Cadaveric Specimens

Naroura, Zemirline, Taleb, Collon, Liverneaux (FRANCE)



Preventable repeat wrist arthroscopies -Analysis of the indications for 133 consecutive cases

Steffen Löw, Christian Spies, Frank Unglaub, Jörg van Schoonhoven, Karl-Josef Prommersberger,Marion Mühldorfer-Fodor (GERMANY)



Arthroscopic scapholunate posterior capsulodesis: cadaveric preliminary study
comparing trans-osseous tunnels and suture anchors

Frédéric Lebailly, Chihab Taleb, Ahmed Zemirline, Philippe Liverneaux, Christophe Mathoulin (FRANCE)



Wrist arthroscopy as a diagnostic tool in chronic wrist pain – an indian persepctive

Nishank H Mehta, Bhavuk Garg, PP Kotwal, Rajesh malhotra (INDIA)



Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation (PRWE): Spanish version and evaluation of its psychometric properties.

Veronica Alfie, Gerardo Gallucci, Jorge Boretto, Agustin Donndorff, Pablo De Carli (ARGENTINA)



Secondary tendinopathy after distal radius volar plate fixation: Results of eight  years’ experience

Ignacio Rellán, Gerardo Luis Gallucci, Jorge Guillermo Boretto, Agustín Donndorff , Pablo De Carli (ARGENTINA)

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 13:00 Session 3F | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairmen: Fernando Corella (Spain) – Paulo Ruschel (Brazil)

Distal Radius Fracture – does an associated ulna styloid fracture effect the outcome?
Antonio Abramo, Pia Gadell, Magnus Tägil (SWEDEN)


Anesthesia for Closed Reduction of Distal Radius Fractures in the Emergency Department

Ronit Wollstein, Lior Koren, Eyal Ginesin,  Shahem Elias, Shlomo Israelit (USA –ISRAEL)


Mid-term outcomes in perilunate dislocations: How often are poor results?

Juan Manuel Breyer, Pamela Vergara, Alfonso Perez, Paula Sotelo, Nicolas Prado (CHILE).


Sauve-Kapandji procedure in patients with advanced distal radioulnar joint arthritis

Yang-Guk Chung, MD, Yong-Suk Lee, MD, Seung-Han Shin,MD, Dong-Hyun Kim (KOREA)


Short to long term results of Total Wrist arthroplasty

Allan Ibsen Sörensen,Peter Axelsson, Christer Sollerman (SWEDEN-DENMARK)


Total Distal Radio Ulnar Joint Arthroplasty: mid-term follow up.

Juan Manuel Breyer, Alfonso Perez, Pamela Vergara, Paula Sotelo (CHILE)


Surgical Treatment of Acute Perilunate Dislocations and Fracture Dislocations in a Specialized Center

Luis Alejandro Satizabal Bernal, Diego Alejandro Davalos Herrera, Elkin Lozano Gonzalez (COLOMBIA)


Salvage procedures for advanced carpal collapse: Four-Corner Fusion vs. Proximal Row Carpectomy - no difference ?

Vanja Celigoj, Claus Deglmann, Bernhard Lukas (GERMANY)


Denervation of the Wrist

Carlos Eugenio Martínez, Alberto Luis Garay, Daniel Jalaris, Germán Tonetto,Raúl Riva.(ARGENTINA)


Midcarpal and STT arthritis in patients with CMC arthritis

Evan B Katzel, Sameer Shakir, John Fowler, Glenn A Buterbaugh, Joseph E Imbriglia (USA), Alejandro Badia (USA)


Reliability of the iPad measurement for range of dart-throwing motion

Yoshihiro Dohi, Ryotaro Fujitani, Shohei Omokawa, Yasuhito Tanaka (JAPAN)


Three-corner fusion for management of SNAC and SLAC wrists; Dose it result in a better range of wrist motion?

Essam ElKaref (EGYPT)


Minimally invasive surgery of perilunate dislocations and fracture dislocations

Juan M.R.Sammartino , Mario R. Sammartino , Daniel Mussini (ARGENTINA)


13:00 - 14:30 Tackling Challenges in Nerve Repair: A Case Based Discussion

Join AxoGen at the
2016 IFSSH & IFSHT Triennial Congress
Visit us at Booth #8


Bauback Safa, MD MBA FACS - The Buncke Clinic, San Francisco, CA
Joaquim Casañas, MD - Teknon Medical Center, Barcelona, Spain
Jonathan Isaacs, MD - VCU Medical Center, Richmond, VA

14:30 - 16:00 Session 3I | Free Papers (9)


Session Chairmen: Marcelo Maquiera (Argentina) – Fernando Menvielle (Argentina)



A Reinforcement of the Sutured Microvascular Anastomosis with Fibrin Glue Application:
A Retrospective Comparative Study with the Standard Conventional Technique.

Alvaro Baik Cho  Renata Gregorio Paulos,  Gustavo Bersani, Raquel Bernardelli Iamaguchi, Luciano Ruiz Torres, Teng Hsiang Wei, Marcelo Rosa de Resende, Rames Mattar Júnior (BRAZIL)



Long-term functional, subjective and psychological results after digit replantation

Jing Chen, Yu Cheng Sun, Qing Zhong Chen, Jun Tan, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)



Use of reverse second dorsal metacarpal artery flap for the treatment of first web retraction

Samuel Ribak, Alexandre Tietzmann, Sérgio Augusto da Gama, Helton Hiroshi Hirata, Mogar Dreon Gomes (BRAZIL)



Microsurgical digital reconstruction by vascularized free toe pulp transfer

García Villanueva A., Roger de Oña I., Studer de Oya A., García López J.I. (SPAIN)



Early nerve and muscle transfers in upper limb arthrogryposis

Jörg Bahm, Christian Wagemann (GERMANY)



A pedicle flap based on the middle dorsal branch of the proper digital artery for tissue defects in fingertip: report of 25 cases

Xiang Zhou, Jun Qin, Xiang Rong Li, Yu Cheng Sun, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)



Which Nerve to Use? Comparison Between Donor Nerves to Motorize the Free Functional
Gracilis Muscle Transfer for Elbow Flexion in Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injuries

Alvaro Baik Cho Marina Justi Pisani Gustavo Bersani Silva Raquel B Iamaguchi da Costa, Luciano Ruiz Torres Jairo Alves Rames Mattar Jr Teng Hsiang Wei Marcelo Rosa de Rezende (BRAZIL)



Free Vascularized Fibular Graft with LISS Plate for the Bone Defects of the Femur after Tumor Resection

Young Ho Lee, Jihyeung Kim, Seung Hoo Lee, Jin Woo Park, Kahyun Kim, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)



An Anatomical Feasibility Study on the use of the Hypoglossal and Hemi Hypoglossal
 Nerve as a donor motor nerve for Free Functioning Muscle Transfer in Upper Extremity Reconstruction

Alexander B. Dagum, Phillip Guillen, Yi-Hsueh Lu (USA)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Problem Cases Session: Acute carpal lesions

Moderator: Mario Rodriguez Sammartino (Argentina)

Jesse Jupiter (USA)
Alejandro Badia (USA)
Pedro Delgado (Spain)
Christian Allende (Argentina)


08:00 - 10:00 Session 3B | Free Papers (12)


Session Chairmen:  Ricardo Kaempf de Oliviera (Brazil) - Eduardo Pablo Zancolli (Argentina)



Subchondral cyst involving the ulnar aspect of the lunate: Is it pathognomic
 findings of the symptomatic ulnocarpal impaction syndrome?

Jae-Sung Lee (KOREA)



Comparative study of ulnar shortening osteotomy, arthroscopy wafer procedure
and distal metaphyseal ulnar-shortening osteotomy for ulnar impaction syndrome

Hua-Wei Yin, Yu-Tong Chen, Jing Xu, Yun-Dong Shen, Jian-Guang Xu, Yu-Dong Gu, Wen-Dong Xu (CHINA)



Outcome of ulnar shorting osteotomy

Nadine Hollevoet, Jonas Declercq, Wim Vanhove, Szabolcs.Benis (BELGIUM)



Long-term Outcome of Step-Cut Ulnar-Shortening Osteotomy for Ulnar Impaction Syndrome

Loukia K. Papatheodorou, Mark E. Baratz, Dean G. Sotereanos (USA)




Incidence of Implant-Related Complications After tension band thumb metacarpophalangeal joint arthrodesis.

Kevin J. Renfree, M.D. Daniel Lara, M.S. (USA)



A Ten-Year Prospective Outcome Study Of Pi2 Pyrocarbon Arthroplasty For The Treatment Of Thumb Metacarpal Joint Osteoarthritis

Charles Agout , Philippe Bellemère, Ludovic Ardouin (FRANCE)



Revision arthroplasty of the wrist

Per Fischer, Kurt Pettersson, Marcus Sagerfors (SWEDEN)



ECRL-Suspension as a revision procedure in failed resection arthroplasty of the first carpometacarpal (CMC-I) joint

Wolfram Heitzmann, Jörg van Schoonhoven (GERMANY)



Pyrocarbon Interposition Arthroplasty of the Trapezometacarpal Joint with the PyroDisc®: a Retrospective study

Antonio Abramo,Anton Risto, Magnus Tägil, Philippe Kopylov (SWEDEN)



Arthroscopically assisted four-corner fusion

Filipa Santos Silva, Carolina Baptista, Ana Marta Coelho (PORTUGAL)



Primary prosthetic replacement of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint (DRUJ) in  rheumatoid arthritis using the First Choice Hemi DRUJ resurfacing implant. A 5-year clinical and radiographic follow-up.

Magnus Tägil, Philippe Kopylov, Mats Geijer, Antonio Abramo (SWEDEN)



Treatment of Symptomatic Distal Interphalangeal Joint Arthritis:Is Fusion Necessary? Our Review of Open Cheilectomy

Loukia K. Papatheodorou, Edward Lin, Dean G. Sotereanos (USA)

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 13:00 Session 3G | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairmen: Paul Pereira (Argentina)- Andres Dogliotti (Argentina)



Boot-shaped Neurovascular Island Flap for Reconstruction of Radial Polydactyly

Xiaofang Shen Yongjun Rui Mingyu XUE (CHINA)



Pulley reconstruction to correct the dynamic direction of the finger  for treatment of ?B cleft hand

Bin Wang, Shengbo Zhou, Yongkang Jiang, Xi Yang, Hailei Mao(CHINA)



Single-stage resection of type II constriction rings in limbs on the basis of histological and MRI observations: A retrospective study of 21 consecutive patients

Bin Wang, Yongkang Jiang, Hailei Mao, Xi Yang,Shengbo Zhou (CHINA)



Long-term outcomes of free non-vascuralized toe phalanx transfer for symbrachydactyly

Hidehiko Kawabata, Chikahisa Higuch, Daisuke Tamura, Akio Nakura, Junichiro Hayashi (JAPAN)



Evaluation of postoperative radio-capitellar joint alignment in congenital radioulnar synostosis patients

Kazuki Kuniyoshi, Tomoyo Akasaka, Takane Suzuki (*), Yusuke Matsuura, Rei Abe, Keisuke Ueno, Hitoshi Kiuchi, Aya Kanaduka, Naoya Hirosawa, Maki Iwase, Atsuro Yamazaki (JAPAN)



Congenital Flexion Deformity of the Long, Ring, and Little Fingers with an Aberrant Origin of the Flexor Digitorum Profundus: Differential Diagnosis with the Volkmann’s Contracture

Ge Xiong (CHINA)



Modified Bilhaut-Cloquet procedure for hypoplasia of the duplicated thumbs

Gao Weiyang, Ding Jian, Wang Anyuan (CHINA)



Reconstruction for dysplastic radial polydactyly with an island compound flap

Gao Weiyang, Fraooqi Salman, Shi Wei, Ding Jian, Wang Anyuan, Wang Long, Zhou Zongwei(CHINA)



Analysis of Causes for Congenital Ulnar-angled Thumbs at the Distal Phalanges in 43 Patients

Xiaofei Tian, Aiyan Li, Jun Xiao,Tianwu LI, Wei Chen, Lin Qiu, Yuexian Fu (CHINA)



Flexion Crease and Web Space Reconstruction for Aesthetic and Functional Correction of Congenital Syndactyly - Results in 116 Consecutive Patients

Feng Ni, Bin Wang (CHINA)



Thumb duplication with atypical flexor tendon insertion: Is the tendon transfer a working technique?

Wiebke Hülsemann, Frank Winkler, Max Mann (GERMANY)



Identification of associated genes and diseases in patients with congenital upper limb anomalies; a novel application of the OMT classification.

M.Baas, S.E.R. Hovius, R.J.H. Galjaard, P. van der Spek, C.A. van Nieuwenhoven (THE NETHERLANDS)



The application of the Oberg Manske and Tonkin classification in clinic; an evaluation of the classification strategy.

M.Baas, P.R. Zwanenburg, S.E.R. Hovius, C.A. van Nieuwenhoven (THE NETHERLANDS)

14:30 - 16:00 Session 3J| Free Papers (9)


Session Chairmen: Alex Lluch (Spain) – Javier Román (Chile)



Analyzing the Active and Functional Grasping Force/Contact Area in Healthy Adults During Activity

Halil Ibrahim Ergen, Cigdem Oksuz (TURKEY)



The role of venous return on the survival of arterialized venous flaps

Weidong Weng, Feng Zhang,Zhijie Li, Weiyang Gao, Hede Yan (CHINA-USA)



Novel drug therapy improved nerve regeneration and function

Joaquim Forés, David Romeo-Guitart,Francisco González-Pérez, Xavier Navarro, Caty Casas (SPAIN)



The impact of transferred vascularized toe joint length on motion arc of reconstructed finger proximal interphalangeal joint – a cadaveric study

Chung-Chen Hsu, Charles Loh, Steven L. Moran, Yu-Te Lin (TAIWAN-USA)



Anatomy of the Direct Small Branches of the Proper Digital Nerve of the Fingers: A Cadaveric Study

Young Ho Lee, Jihyeung Kim, Seung Hoo Lee, Jin Woo Park, Kahyun Kim, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)



The biomechanical study of the bioabsorbable plates in finger fracture fixation

Margaret Woon Man Fok, Kelvin Yeung, Boris Fung, Siew Ping Chow (HONG KONG)



Dissecting the development of Dupuytren’s Disease through human genetics

Michael TH Ng, Eleftheria Zeggini, Hans C Hennies, Paul M Werker, Dominic Furniss(UK)



The development of the interosseous membrane of the forearm

Daniel Postan, Luciano A. Poitevin, Forlino Daniel (ARGENTINA).



The Cutaneous Branch of the Deep Ulnar Artery. Anatomic research oriented to flap design for recalcitrant carpal tunnel and soft-tissue defects

Daniel Postan, Luciano A. Poitevin (ARGENTINA)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30 Session 3K | Free Papers (6)


Session Chairmen: Sergio Daroda (Argentina) – Antonio Costa (Brazil)




Heterotopic Digital Replantation in Mutilating Hand Injuries: An Algorithmic Approach

Cheng-Hung Lin, Nai-Jen Chang, Chung-Chen Hsu, Yu-Te Lin, Chih-Hung Lin (TAIWAN)



Lymphatic clearance in the hand/forearm of healthy controls and human hand transplant recipients using infrared imaging of indocyanine green. Pilot study.

Efrain Farias Cisneros, Hasan Utkan Aydin, Paula M. Chilton, Michelle Palazzo, Christina L. Kaufman (USA)


Comparison between Differnet Techniques of Central Slip Reconstruction for Correcting Extensor Lag in Vascularized Toe PIP Joint Transfers

Che-Hsiung Lee, Chung-Chen Hsu, Cheng-Hung Lin, Shih-Heng Chen, Yu-Te Lin (TAIWAN)




Quantitative Measurements of Cross Sectional Configuration of Flexor Pollicis Longus Tendon using Ultrasonography in Patients with Pediatric Trigger Thumb

Kahyun Kim, Jihyeung Kim, Hyun Sik Gong, Seung Hwan Rhee, Goo Hyun Baek(SOUTH KOREA)



An original technique in Madelung's deformity: the reverse wedge osteotomy (RWO) of the distal radius (about 19 cases).

Florence Mallard, Jérôme Jeudy, Bruno Cesari, Guy Raimbeau, Yann Saint-Cast (FRANCE).



Is it useful to assess both QuickDASH and PRWE scores?




08:00 - 13:00 IFSHT Programme


14:30 - 17:30 IFSHT Programme



Friday 28 th October, 2016


08:00 - 10:00 Symposium Difficult Hand Fractures, Pseudoarthrosis, Angular and Rotational Malalignments

Moderator: Jesse Jupiter (USA)
Diego Fernandez (Switzerland): Fractures and malunion of the base of the thumb
Fabio Suarez (Colombia): Open fractures with bone loss     
Jesse Jupiter (USA): Nonunions/malunions tubular bones
Juan Del Pino (Spain): Combined injuries

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:20 Presidential Guest Lecture: Ervin Laszlo (Hungary)

"A new map of reality"

11:20 - 13:00 Symposium Difficult Problems in Distal Radius Fractures

Moderator: Jorge Orbay (USA)
Jorge Orbay (USA): Salvaging a collapsed volar marginal fragment and the extended FCR approach
Moroe Beppu (Japan): Tendon injury and its managements
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain): Management of malunions and bone loss
Diego Fernández (Switzerland): The Problem DRUJ
Jesse Jupiter (USA): Radio-carpal fracture-dislocations
Jai Ryu (USA): Difficult pediatric cases and growth arre

13:00 - 13:30 Closing Ceremony


08:00 - 09:00 Symposium Nerve grafts: allografts, autografts and neurotubes

Moderator: Randy Bindra (USA) 

Joaquim Casañas (Spain):Use of allografts in neuropathic pain.
Randy Bindra (USA): Nerve conduits: current applications and evidence for use.
Hanno Millesi (Austria): A Completely new understanding of the structure of peripheral nerves to cope with the movements the nerve is exposed to during daily life, studied by high resolution ultrasound

09:00 - 10:00 Round table DRUJ Instability (without fracture): results in primary cases and revisions. What to do?

Moderator: Toshiyasu Nakamura (Japan)
Keiji Fujio (Japan): Arthroscopic inside-out repair of the TFCC to the fovea for DRUJ instability
Andrea Atzei (Italy): Direct foveal repair of the TFCC for DRUJ instability 
P C HO (Hong Kong): Arthroscopic assisted TFCC reconstruction with tendon 
graft for chronic DRUJ instability
Toshi Nakamura (JAPAN): The TFCC to the fovea using an ECU half-slip
Greg Bain (Australia): Reconstruction of the TFCC to the fovea using free PL tendon graft
Nicole Schmelzer-Schmied (Switzerland): Arthroscopic assisted repair of TFCC for DRUJ instability

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00 Updating Course Wrist Arthroscopy

Director: Lee Osterman (USA)
William Geissler (USA): Distal radius fractures, scaphoid fractures 
Francisco Del Piñal (Spain): Arthritis
Gregory Bain (Australia): Kienböck 
P C  Ho (Hong Kong): Carpal instabilities
Lee Osterman (USA): Wrist ganglions
Panel: Unusual indications

12:00 - 13:00 Symposium What to do with Kienböck III A?

Moderator: David Lichtman (USA)
David Lichtman (USA): Introduction
Schmitt Rainer (Germany): The assessment and classification of lunate osseous viability using advanced MRI techniques
Greg Bain (Australia): The assessment, classification and treatment of lunate  cartilage viability using arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery
Pablo De Carli (Argentina): Minimally invasive techniques for Kienböck III A 
David Lichtman (USA): Using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic  tools to improve outcomes in Kienböck III A


08:00 - 09:30 Round Table Flexor Tendons; sutures (video), tenolisis tecnique (video) and results

Moderator: Peter Amadio (USA)
Rames Mattar (Brazil)
Jin Bo Tang (China)
Michael Sandow (Australia)
Esther Vogelin (Switzerland)
Robert Savage (UK)
Alejandro Sandoval (Colombia)

09:30 - 10:00 Debate DRF: Too much effort to reduce articular steps?

Moderator: Daniel Nagle (USA) 
Contenders: Yes: Marc Garcia Elias (Spain) -No: Francisco Del Piñal (Spain)

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00 Symposium Hand Tumors

Moderator: Alberto Lluch (USA)


Richard Lawson (Australia)  Benign soft tissue tumors 
Alberto Lluch( Spain)  Tumors of the nerve sheath  
Rodolfo Cosentino (Argentina)  Benign bone tumors 
Massimo Ceruso ( Italy)  Malignant soft tissue tumors 
Mark Puhaindran (Singapore)  Malignant bone tumors  
Andrew Chin (Singapore)  Metastatic tumors 

12:00 - 13:00 Symposium Stem Cells: current applications, what for the future?

Moderator: Amy Ladd (USA)

Michael Findlay (Australia): Current and Emerging Concepts in Stem Cell-based therapies and Tissue Engineering for the Upper Limb.
Peter Amadio (USA): Stem Cells for Tendon Repair and Reconstruction
Jin Bo Tang  (China): Stem cell use in tendon and nerve repairs: Current efforts and the future


08:00 - 09:30 Updating Course Surgical Anatomy

Director: Carlos Zaidenberg (Argentina)
Luciano Poitevin (Argentina): Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Interosseous and Clinical Relevance
Toshi Nakamura (Japan) : Anatomical Basis of the Repair/Reconstruction of the TFCC
Manuel  Llusa (Spain): Anatomical Basis of the Nerves Transfers of the Upper Limb
Carlos Zaidenberg (Argentina): Anatomical basis of the Forearm Flaps

09:30 - 10:00 Debate Radial Tunnel Syndrome: Does it exist?

Moderator: Roland Hicks (Australia)

Contenders: Michel Boeckstyns (Belgium) - Alexander Shin (USA)

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00 Symposium Muscle and Tendon Transfers

Moderator: Alex Muset Lara (Spain)

Alex Muset (Spain): Complex transfers in scapulo-thoracic deficits
Anna Moratona Capdevilla (Spain): Wrist Transfers in obstetrical paralysis
Jorge Clifton (Mexico): Transfers in paralytic elbow
Gregorio Martinez Villen (Spain): Transfers for extrinsic hand muscles paralysis
Rafael Reynoso (Mexico): Tendon transfers for intrinsic muscles deficits
Manuel LLusa (Spain): Tendon transfers for thumb reanimation
Tareck El Gammal (Kuwait): Tendon transfers around the shoulder in obstetrical paralysis

12:00 - 13:00 Round Table TMC ARTHROPLASTIES: what to do in revisions and reoperations: results

Moderator: Ulrich Mennen (South Africa) 

Ulrich Mennen (South Africa): Introduction
Guus Vermeulen (The Netherlands): Causes of failure of TMC surgery
Daniel Nagle (USA): Revisions and results 
Ulrich Mennen (South Africa): Keep it simple from the beginning


08:00 - 10:00 Session 4A | Free Papers (12)


Session Chairmen: Gustavo Teruya (Argentina) - Felipe Messa (Colombia)



Pain level in the pre-operative care of unstable dorsally displaced distal radius fractures

Steffen Löw , Marion Papay, Christoph Eingartner, Ute Strobl, Christian Spies (GERMANY)


Corrective osteotomy for malunited fractures of the distal radius using internal fixation with locking plates

Oleg M. Semenkin, Sergey N. Izmalkov (RUSSIA)


Functional outcome following removal of locked volar distal radius plates

Jun Tan, Jing Chen, Ming Ye, Jinbo Tang (CHINA)


Reduced risk of FPL-tendon ruptur in Distal Radius Fracture treated by a palmar V-shape plate.

Markus Gabl, Rohit Arora, Gernot Schmidle, Andrea Klauser (AUSTRIA)


Early wrist mobilization after distal radius fractures stabilized by volar locking plate – a prospective randomized pilot trial

S. Quadlbauer, Ch. Pezzei, J. Jurkowitsch, T. Keuchel,T. Beer, T. Hausner, M. Leixnering (AUSTRIA)


Treatment of distal radius metaphyseal comminution fracture by volar locking plate fixation
-comparison of results between pronator quadratus sparing technique and conventional technique-

Kang hong je, Lee sung hyun, Choi ji woong, Kim dong hee (KOREA)


Wrist hemi-arthroplasty for distal radius fractures : 10 years of experience





Surgeon volume influences treatment outcome in Dupuytren’s disease surgery

Chao Zhou, Iris Ceyisakar, Hester Lingsma, Reinier Feitz , Harm Slijper Steven Hovius, Ruud Selles  *CZ and IC contributed equally to this abstract (THE NETHERLANDS)


Is there a role for ultrasound during the enzymatic lysis of Dupuytren’s cord? Our preliminary results.

Gisele Cano, Sergio Pino, Joan Enric Borras, Luis Til, Teresa Subira (SPAIN)


Variations of the pulley system of the thumb: an anatomical study with surgical implications

Guzmán Ripoll, Samer Jaber, Fernando Martinez, Damian Glumcher, Fabricio Corderi (URUGUAY)


Comparative Analysis of Two Methods for Radiographic Angle Measurement

Juan M. Patiño, Fernando Zicovich Wilson, Ignacio M. Abdon, Sandra D. Hochbaum, Egar A. Kerber (ARGENTINA)

Palmar dislocation of the trapezoid - Case Report and Literature Review
Marcella Rodrigues Costa, Tailsom Nunes Chaves de Queiroz, André Lourenço Pereira, Guilherme Ferreira Simões (BRAZIL)


10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 13:00 Session 4C | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairmen:  Ronaldo Carreiro  (Colombia) – Alejandro Bifani (Chile)



Surface Replacement Arthroplasty of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint in Border Digits Using a Lateral Approach

Kevin J. Renfree (USA)



Comparison of 2 methods of percutaneous fixation of proximal phalanx fractures:
nailing with wires versus intramedullary placed Herbert screws

Violeta Levy, Marcelo Mazzola, Martin Gonzalez (ARGENTINA)



Hand injuries in the elder population - a retrospective study over a 30-year period

Hans-Eric Rosberg, Olof Ohlsson, Derya Burcu Hazer, Lars B Dahlin (SWEDEN-TURKEY)



Unstable PIP Fracture-Dislocations: A Biomechanical comparison of Volar Plate Arthroplasty vs Hemi-Hamate Arthroplasty

Felix Riano, Fabio Suarez , Aida Garcia, Luis F. Naquira (USA-COLOMBIA)



Semi-oclussive dressing for the management of fingertip amputations

Arturo Verdugo, Raúl Casas, Guillermo Droppelman (CHILE)



International Hand Trauma Registry

Bafiq Nizar, Hawys Lloyd-Hughes, Zaher Jandali, Mark Foster, Dominic Power(UK-GERMANY)



NORSE: Network of On-call Referral Service in Hand Trauma

Bafiq Nizar, Guang Yim, Husam Bella, Ciara Deall, Mark Foster (UK)



Metacarpal and proximal phalangeal fracture: treatment by a new technique – HibridoDynamic Minifix

Afrânio Freitas, Marco Yánez, Rafael Otto, Arlindo Pardini (BRAZIL)



Innervated Digital Artery Perforator Flap Reconstructions in Thumb Reconstructions

Haluk Ozcanli, Ali Cavit (TURKEY)



Functional and radiological evaluation of phalanx fractures fixation with intramedular
canulated no head compressive screw system.

Sebastián Undurraga, Jose Luis Cifras, Nazira Bernal (CHILE)



Comprehensive rehabilitation management for children with burn injury on hand

Cecilia WP Li-Tsang, Walei Zhang, Yuting Zhang, Yingying Zhang (CHINA)




Free Vascularized Fibula Bone Graft for treatment of difficult cases of infected non union both bone forearm

Hassan Hamdy Noaman (EGYPT)



Evaluation of elbow flexion gain in patient with upper braquial plexus injury using neurotization of ulnar nerve to free gracilis muscle

Marcelo Rosa de Rezende Rames Mattar Junior, Luciano Torres Teng Hsiang Alvaro Baik Cho (BRAZIL)


08:00 - 10:00 Session 4B | Free Papers


Session Chairman:: Christian Allende (Argentina) - Diego Garat (Argentina)




Surgical treatment protocol for the advanced articular lesion of osteochondritis
dissecans of the elbow

Kozo Shimada, Ko Temporin, Keiichiro Oura, Hiroyuki Tanaka(JAPAN)



Osteoarticular allograft for reconstruction of acute distal humerus fractures with massive bone loss

Guillermo Bruchmann, Javier Bennice (ARGENTINA)



The Surgical Outcomes of the Articular Shear Fractures of the Distal part of the Humerus

Dongju Shin, Jinmyoung Dan, Seongman Lee, Jaehwi Han,Daegun Jeong, Minguek Kim (KOREA)



Involvement of the Lesser Sigmoid Notch in Elbow Fracture Dislocations

Amir R. Kachooei, Jos Mellema, Matthew Tarabochia, Neal Chen, David Ring (USA)




Concordance between ultrasound and anatomic dissection, in anatomical variations
 of the first compartment

Homid Fahandezh, Francisco Martínez, Angel Bueno, Miguel Marin,Fernando Davila (SPAIN)



Costs of hand injuries for the economy - the Austrian Hand Prevention Campaign to avoid hand injuries

M. Leixnering, Ch. Pezzei, J. Jurkowitsch, C. Szolarz, S. Quadlbauer (AUSTRIA)



Normal Range of Motion of Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint

Tatsuki Ebata, Ikuo Nakai, Akira Kogure, Kenichiro Goto (JAPAN)



A surgical training program of flexor tendon suture using pettitoes

Masatoshi Amako, Hiroshi Arino, Kenichi Takashima, Masashi Isaji, Koichi Nemoto,Kazuhiro Chiba (JAPAN)



The septic hand: what has changed in the last 10 years?

Zsolt Rimaszéki, Ferenc Urban, Beata Bajdik, Geza Babas, Zoltan Czinke, Zsolt Szabo (HUNGARY)



Use of skin allograft in upper limbs deep burns, Nacional Burn Center

Tania Lena, Gabriela Novello, Raquel DiStefano, Lucía Torroba (URUGUAY)



Investing in knowledge for those most in need: preparing general and visceral surgeons in handsurgery for humanitarian surgical aid

Stefan Krieger (GERMANY)



Overuse Syndrome, a prospective study in Argentinian instrumentalist musicians

Adriana Pemoff, Hernan Blanchetiere, Ivonne Gomez Avellaneda, Candelaria Torre, Fernanda Coscueta (ARGENTINA)


10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 - 13:00 Session 4D | Free Papers (15)


Session Chairmen: Guillermo Maujo (Argentina) – Eric Christophersen (Argentina)



Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evaluation of the Distal Oblique Bundle in the Distal Interosseous Membrane of the Forearm

Hyun Sik Gong, Jin Woo Park, Ka Hyun Kim, Seung Hoo Lee, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA)



Results of surgical treatment of distal humerus (AO/OTA type C) fractures using double anatomical plates

Ryosuke Ikeguchi, Souichi Ohta, Hiromu Ito, Moritoshi Furu, Shuichi Matsuda (JAPAN)



The surgical outcomes of the coronoid process fractures of the ulna using the novel ‘hooked Kirshner wire technique’

Dongju Shin,Youngsoo Byun,Jaehwi Han, Seoungoh Nam, Minguek Kim (KOREA)



How to avoid damaging the terminal branches of the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve and the medial brachial cutaneous nerve during operations involving the medical of elbow?

Jing Chen, Jun Tan, Bin Zhu, Jin Bo Tang (CHINA)



Correlation of albumin/globulin ratio (A/G ratio) with forearm bone mineral density in women above 50 years of age.

Kayoko Furukawa, Yukichi Zenke, Kunitaka Menuki, Yoshiaki Yamanaka, Akinori Sakai (JAPAN)



Arthroscopic release for the severely stiff elbow

Ko Temporin, Kozo Shimada, Keiichiro Oura (JAPAN)



Muscle-Pedicle Bone Grafting with Periosteum Coverage for Osteochondritis Dissecans: a Case Series

Keiichiro Oura, Ko Temporin, Kozo Shimada (JAPAN)



The effect of cubital tunnel retinaculum repair after in situ decompression.

Sang Ho Kwak, Jung Yun Bae, Goo Hyun Baek (KOREA))



Corrective osteotomy and bone distraction using external fixation in patients with delayed deformity of distal radius growth arrest.

Eduardo Farias Vasquez, Rodrigo Tiago Berlink Faria, Anderson Vieira Monteiro, Fernando Adolphsson, Rafael Aquino Leal (BRAZIL)



Arthroscopically assisted osteosynthesis of coronoid process types I and type II fractures in terrible triads of the elbow

Isidro Jiménez, Pedro J. Delgado, Federico A. Figueredo, Mario Gil de Rozas, Sergio Martínez, Juan R. Truan (SPAIN)



Three dimensional analysis of the fracture location of the radial head: comparison between simple radial head fracture and radial head fracture with complex elbow instability

Natsumi Saka, Hirotada Matsui, Hideki Tsuji (JAPAN)



Correlation between grip strength and forearm bone mineral density in women over 60 years of age

K. Furukawa, Y. Zenke, K. Menuki, N. Kurinomaru, Y. Yamanaka, A. Sakai (JAPAN)



The Rate of Radial Head Prosthesis Removal or Revision: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Amir R. Kachooei, Aslan Baradaran, Mohammad H. Ebrahimzadeh, Neal Chen (IRAN - USA)



Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis of Comminuted one bone Fractures of Forearm Shaft

Kang hong je, Kim sejin, Choi ji woong, Kim dong hee(KOREA)



Functional outcome after surgical treatment of Intra-articular distal humerus fractures in patients seventy years of age or older

Jorge López Gonzalez, Nelson Gerez, Nicolas Guzman, Pablo Rotella, Jorge Pacios (ARGENTINA)


08:00 - 13:00 IFSHT Programme