IFSSH & IFSHT / Buenos Aires

Exhibition of Museums

During the World IFSSH and IFSHT Congress 2016 Museum exhibitions of different hand aspects will be displayed by Former Professional Presidents of our Association.   

The exhibition will be grouped in six "stations" and they will be displayed on the fifth floor of the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel; they will be located especifically in the central area of the distribution corridors what will allow the professionals to visit the stations in both ways to fully appreciate them. The visiting hours are from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. 



Station I . Philogeny in the Upper Limb

The first exhibition will be in charge of Dr. José...


Station II. Hand Anatomy in the Renaissance

After various centuries of anatomical criteria, stunned by...


Station III. Drawings of Surgical Hand Anatomy

Historically, Argentina has fostered and highlighted the...


Station IV. Hand Anatomy in Argentina

Another main pionner in the Hand Anatomy studies in Argentina...


Station V. The Hand in Animals

Dr. Alberto Garay, Ex President of the AACM, current...


Station VI. The Hand in Philately

The Hand is not absent in Philately. The seal was originally...