IFSSH & IFSHT / In Buenos Aires

Station IV. Hand Anatomy in Argentina

Another main pionner in the Hand Anatomy studies in Argentina was undoubtedly Dr. Elbio Cozzi,  known as  Co-Author with Dr E.A.Zancolli  of the book “Atlas de Anatomía Quirúrgica de la Mano” (Atlas of Surgical Hand Anatomy) which was famous worldwide.  His masterly anatomical dissections and his vast teachings have stressed his personal mark in this field; therefore this station will be prepared in his honour.

Dr. Carlos Rodolfo Zaidenberg, Dr. Cozzi´s direct disciple and known professionaly by his works in vascularised bone grafts, and Dr. Homero Bianchi, distinguished Professor of Anatomy at Buenos Aires University, will be in charge of his biography and the presentation of unique anatomical preparations that are features of the School of the Argentine Anatomical Dissections. 

The main purpose of this station is to show some preparations that offer the basic knowledge that a surgeon should have regarding the hand and upper limb structures. Therefore, photos of injected and plastinated dissections will be exhibited here.