IFSSH & IFSHT / Instructions for Speakers

Recommendations for Speakers 

  1. Upload the presentation in the projection room the day before or two hours before the beginning of its presentation. The reception room of audiovisual material opens one hour before the beginning of the activities. Any presentation projection submittedafter thedeadline is not guaranteed. The presentations will not be uploaded in the room. 
  2. The PowerPoint versions accepted will be the following: 2010/2013/2016. All presentations must be in PowerPoint (Microsoft). Presentation systems like Keynote or others will not be accepted.
  3. Make sure your videos play in aPowerPoint format. If they are not compatible, they must be converted to MP4. Even though your videos are embeddedin your PPT 2010, keep  video copies in the same folder as a safety precaution. The files supported byPowerPoint are .avi .mpeg1. mpeg2.mp4 y .wvm. The fastest and safest running file is the last one but it reduces the image quality considerably. Do not mix video formats in the same PowerPoint Presentation; choose one type of extension (e.g. MP4) and only then insert them in your Powerpoint.
  4. Keynote will not be reproduced by your MAC PC.
  5. If your presentations are developed in a Mac platform, you are required to leave a back-up presentation compatible with Windows Office in the Material Reception Room.
  6. If you make use of your own Mac, you are required to report that to an assistant of our company or in the Presentation Reception Area at least 2 hours vefore your conference, so that you will be already registered in our system. Remember to bring the Mac battery charger and the Mac VGA adapter so as to be able to plug the computer into the projector. 
  7. The Congress Rooms will be equipped with a Laptop Lenovo Core I3/I5, 8 GB of RAM in the podium and a Laptop on the technician desk with the same characteristics. The rooms will also have only one screen (simple projection) in 4:3 format, a remote control with a wireless laser pointer to move the slides forward and alaptop audio connection.
  8. Should you need any other audiovisual equipment, please contact the Organising Committee. 
  9. In case of Free Papers the Authors will have 7 minutes for Oral Presentation and there will be 3 minutes for Questions and Discussion.