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Rojo Tango is the best Tango show in town; a unique experience in Buenos Aires. As between the impressive and imposing main hall of Faena Hotel + Universe, discover The Cabaret, where every night Rojo Tango acts and the experience begins.
The high ceiling windows look like a church hall, that's how Philippe Starck, the French revolutionary designer, imagined it.
The show features a band (a quintet: piano, bass, two bandoneons and a violin), two singers, and five pairs of dancers choreographed and directed by Sandra Bootz and Gabriel Ortega.
The Rojo Tango Show runs through the history of tango from the 20s to Piazzolla, with some modern touches. It is a dynamic and intense show that amazes the audience in a very special atmosphere.
A three-course menu and foaming Baron B, Terrazas Reserva wines or with whatever you choose with your sommelier.

Date: Tuesday 25 th October, 2016
Schedule:18:15 Hs
Duration:2.5 hs

USD 225.00

Tax Included



Prawn and Potato salad in cocktail sauce
Patagonian Deer pate, champagne pears and mix of greens
Mustard marinated turkey breast, roquette, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and croutons

Main Course

Tender loin and mashed potatoes stuffed with truffles, sautéed mushrooms in red juice
Pink salmon, semolina gnocchi with tomato and corn vinaigrette fondue
Lamb Sorrentino, sage cream, smoked tomatoes and eggplant


Passion Fruit cream with Chocolate Crumble and Almonds
Dark Chocolate Marquise
Bananas and Cream Caramel Mousse and Olive Biscuit

Open Bar
Baron B Champagne
Wines: Terrazas Reserva Malbec and Chardonnay and Soft Drinks

Tours depart with a minimum of 10 people; should you not get that number you will be informed to choose another tour or schedule.

The tours have limited quota; make your reservation in advance.

Remember to be 10 minutes before departure time to confirm your presence.


All tours depart from the Hilton Hotel located at Av. Guemes 351 Macacha, except: A Day at the Pampas, Colonial Tour and Tango Show Dinner that will be departing from all the housing hotels.


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